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I agree perpetual positivity can definitely lower morale and effectiveness.


Lorajay 9 Jan 22

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IMO, perpetual positivity goes against one of my philosophies :

Sugar coating leads to truth decay 🙂


HAH Humbug!


Religions are toxic alleging their heaven bribes as perfect solutions to grieving families leaving permanent emotional scars more importantly avoiding preventive measures of future deaths to be learned from the current caused fatality....thus wars disease and unsafe situations continue unabated for the substituted "s/he is in heaven now" ...this Texaa Teachers Association author does not use the words DEATH DISEASE or theocracy when all 3 are REdefined in generic toned down issue labels.....of course students families and employers are the real victims here getting s h I t t y so called education under prepared for minimum wage jobs and the military corrupt polluter oil system poisoning the entire planet when HYDROGEN CARS 🚗 can replace new polluters in 47 more states for over 25 years now....too many drilling derricks are lit up with crucifixes year round....gawdamn Texas theocrat teachers and their insane gubnor in Austin


permitting politeness perhaps, Perpetual Positivity portrays pretentions pinnacle.

Alliteration and approval are always antithetic, angry anthropoid apes agree, alternative arrangments always allowed.

@Fernapple absolutely.

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