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Add insane to that. What is wrong with some people? Woman caught breastfeeding her hairless cat on flight. [] The video also has a second, interesting 'cat' tale.

JackPedigo 9 Jan 28

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No! bitty.


You'll spoil your supper.


Okay, here you go.


pussy on pussy crime.


Any sane mother could tell from the mewling that her baby wasn't hungry after the fillup in the private lactation room before the flight.


Tit sucking cat from hell on a Delta plane.

Sounds news worthy for mainstream.


YUCK !!!!

I've got a few more but this one was at the top of the list.


That the cat was screaming for it's life tells us even the cat thought it was bizzare! Poor thing! As if having no hair wasn't bad enough.


Holy S#$t! When I first read the headline, I though the flight attendant might have mistaken the creature being breastfed for cat when it was just a very very ugly baby, but no!!! How deranged does someone have to be, but I know: to be deranged is human, especially these days. Trans-species breastfeeding is not unknown among dogs and cats, for instance, but jeez...that is nuts. 😀😛

And don't forget the sharp teeth. Wonder if she does this sort of thing at home.

@JackPedigo those teeth and the little sandpaper tongue!

@Organist1 Actually, the sandpaper tongue feels good. I remember as a kid liking the feel.

@JackPedigo Haha...only on certain areas, IMO.

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