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This'll give you dreams?

When floods prevail Australian spiders know how not to drown:


FrayedBear 9 Jan 30

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Fuck that. And that dude that was all, "I'd hate for people to spray them with insecticide" is more than welcome to take all the spiders into his home. I use Conquer at my house. Kills the fuck out of all walking bugs as they try to come in, and a good treatment lasts about 6 months. I highly recommend it.

Paragon Conquer - residual insecticide concentrate,16 FL.OZ by Conquer []

Yeah that'd be right Jeff. You would rather your foodstuff be pollinated by artificial drones and your body be protected from manmade virus by destructive unproven MRNA vaccines.

@FrayedBear Do you know me at all yet? I don't even want to be alive anymore. Couldn't care less about the shit you mentioned.

@JeffMurray Well you have the right season to end it if you wish. Find a nice -20+°C location, don't bother with a coat or a beanie. In about three minutes you won't be able to competently decide to get out of the cold and in another 15 you'll be pretty much non compis mentis. Then it is up to serrendipity as to whether you are found, rescued & resuscitated or die in the cold.
Apart from a bit of discomfort from chattering teeth and shaking I'm told that it is relatively painless & can be euphoric.
Otherwise find something to do even if only saying g'day to the homeless man on the corner.

@FrayedBear The method of suicide isn't the obstacle; you should be able to figure that out based on what I do for a living. You should also know that being found, "saved", and potentially half rehabilitated seems is more of a deterrent for suicide than anything else. If/when I can do it, it will be in a manner than will guaranteed death and eliminate the possibility of someone stopping me. Also, I fuckin' hate the cold; there is likely a zero percent chance being cold will ever be on the escape menu.

@JeffMurray I always liked the rule of "don't suicide if the sun is shining" and as we all know the sun will shine for a few billion more years so I suggest that you enjoy it as long as your body will let you.
As someone mentioned a few hours ago "Carpe Diem".


massive web work.


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