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How can I do my settings so I can see both males and females that live near me or near my friends? I know this is a dating site but it's also a community of like-minded people and I like to talk to women as well as men.

Lorajay 9 Feb 13

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I think I noticed that when I first joined and had listed my intentions as "Open to meeting men" but I was able to see all genders when I changed my status to "Here for Community" so you might try that. You can always change it back. Would be curious if this works for you.

I changed as you requested and it worked thank you.


If you look under search members, you can find a map page and zoom in on your area. The map feature is a bit hard to find, but it works well when you get there, except that it does tend to list a lot of old members who joined looked and never came back again.


In my case, merely living in the same country is "near".


I think " Search Members " is enough :
● Search Members setting :
Find > any
Looking for > any
For > anything

you can do via setting as well :
● My Account / Profile Questions :
What gender(s) would you like to meet? > select all the options
What are you looking for? > select all the options
How far would you go to meet someone? > select your desired distance
What age range would you consider in a match? > select your desired range
Preferred match education? > select your desired Edu. levels or deselect all
Preferred match relationship status? > select your desired status or deselect all

Diaco Level 7 Feb 13, 2022

do a search for any?


Maybe change the gender on your profile temporarily?

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