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Why 37?

Who can explain a sleeping basic education mind till the age of about thirty seven? The mind was cut out of the womb in January of nineteen seventy. Within six months for various reasons the male six month old was thrown into the Maryland foster care system. Remained in Maryland care till eighteen years old. Young adult life consisted of many bouts of homelessness. Many mid to long term psychiatric hospital stays. Average length of commitment was three to six months. Longest commitment was one year and eight months. All my stays were a result of suicidal attempts. The consistent diagnoses was recurring severe depression. At the age of thirty I received full disability benefits. At the age of thirty five. Faced with the threat of assisted living. I began making change. at the age of thirty six. Received my GED. Waste of time and money. Was not till about thirty eight I noticed a better ability in my mathematic and other skills. My theory is the brain was preoccupied just trying to survive. Their was no room or desire for the education piece. How close am I to the truth? Or is it anybodies guess? Just curious. May all have a great Saturday. And thank you all for your time in this matter.

MichaelSanchuk 6 Feb 19

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Your truth is your own, even if, and especially if, it changes over time. If your ideas work for you, I suggest you accept them until a better idea or ideas come along to you.

I suggest that you rejoice in your new-found skills. You may also find that you have additional skills and abilities in the future.

Go well. šŸ™‚

Thank you for your response/comment.


Focus on what's next.

Good luck with the counselling.

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Depression and suicidal thoughts would restrain any mind. Others cannot imagine how one can be imprisoned by ones own neurochemistry. I hope you get the help you need. Work on your diet. Certain supplements may help you through the worst days.

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Iā€™m not a trained professional so anything I say is indeed a guess, but I guess you are about right - survival takes first priority. Developmental Psychology says that if conditions are not conducive to a given developmental stage, then subsequent stages may be delayed.

You could read up on Piaget and Erikson for starters, and go from there. []

Also Attachment Theory


skado Level 9 Feb 19, 2022

Thank you for the response. Have an awesome wrest of your day.

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