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LINK White House Slams Kristi Noem Over High Depression Rates Among LGBTQ People

The White House on Friday derided Republican Gov. Kristi Noem because she was unable to answer a question about the high
rate within South Dakota's LGBTQ communities.

"Here's a start for you, Governor," White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted in response to a clip of Noem. "1. Don't advance policies that attack trans youth, 2. Don't fund ads attacking LGBT youth, 3. support @POTUS' agenda to enhance support for youth mental health needs, with funding made available through the American Rescue Plan."

snytiger6 9 Feb 19

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Most people don't believe in depression. I can understand that. I had it, and my mother thought I was bluffing. But then my first suicide attempt came. And she got scared. She understood that it was real and took me to a therapist. I started an antidepressant treatment. But the side effect was colossal. So we decided to try []. And it was hard, but it helped me. When people don't believe in something, it is hard to be informed. That's why she didn't know. But this is a serious matter and should be treated properly.

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