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Eastern Europe: Is Prince Vlad coming to a neighborhood near you?

Remember Poland 1939? The “SitsKriege”? The western powers reply was to drop leaflets telling the people of Germany it was a bad idea to go to war.
Meanwhile the Nazis finished off Poland, Denmark, and Norway. The leaflets proved ineffective against the blitzkrieg; only giving the Nazis time to consolidate for their initiative against France.
Look similar to NATO’s response?
The people of 1939 didn’t want another war anymore than the people of 2022, so they procrastinated and hid from it. That policy only made it longer and more painful. So face off now, or wait until he consolidates, and is even stronger and more embolden?

Garban 8 Feb 24

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I hope his ambitions aren't world conquest.

In my opinion his ambition is to placed on the mantle next Stalin, Ivan, and Peter. So world conquest no. But definitely aggressive expansion. But I’m not his psychiatrist.


We didn’t have to worry about that when Trump was president.

Are you suggesting a more submissive, conciliatory, and compliant position would stop Putin’s aggression? Sounds like Chamberlain’s position in 1938?

@Garban We have a submissive pussy in place now. Maybe he could send Corn Pop over to solve the situation.

@CourtJester I had to look up the “Corn Pop” reference; very clever. However, I fail to see the relevance to NATO’s position on what’s happening in Eastern Europe, please elaborate.

@Garban There really isn’t much to elaborate on. Trump was a pompous dick. I don’t know that I’d hang out with the guy, but the world knew that he would blow shit up if pushed and no other country got stupid for four years. And now we have Biden. Even Obama said “never underestimate Biden’s ability to fuck things up.” And now he’s doing it on a global scale.

@CourtJester Do you understand that question is about the Western Powers position aka “NATO”?

@Garban Trump didn’t rely on NATO but rather the power of the US. It worked out pretty well.

@CourtJester Okay I didn’t want this conversation to degrade to this but: What actions would 🦧 take to stop Putin’s aggression? Please be specific as to what he would have done. This isn’t about Biden.

@Garban That’s speculative. Who knows? But Putin has wanted this for a long time and he’s been saying for years that the Ukraine should be a part of Russia. He didn’t attempt it until Biden stumbled into office. That’s for good reason.

Taiwan is next and Biden won’t do a damn thing about it.

@CourtJester I hope you understand that’s a very weak argument for your position?

@Garban but it’s true. As president, it’s on Biden’s shoulders.

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