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Are you currently enjoying the squeals of outrage around the world over Russia's protective\ defensive move in Ukraine?

Compare the squeals to the silence over Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran et al fronting weapons & troops on their doorstep!

Look to who is immediately benefitting from increased oil prices, dubious theft of Russian assets & markets through sanctions, stock market losses . . . Through to holier than thou hypocrisy.

FrayedBear 9 Feb 25

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Interviews by BBC and American journalist. Questions put to Putin.

Even though a year ago, his responses were exemplary, distinguished and accomplished!

Thanks for these valuable additions to the perspective of trying to understand how some vociferous members constantly & blindly repudiate anything Putin states to be fact.
They probably should be posted individually in General & Hellos.


Ah Frayed, your spin here is horrible and easy to see through. Who gets an immediate benefit from from oil spikes? Certainly Russia benefits. You will scream the US benefits, but you will fail to note that the US Government does not own any oil company.

Rant on, you always make a fool of yourself, so keep it coming.

Maybe Trudeau should give Biden the keys to our pipelines.
Biden has run out of gas in his brain.

@Castlepaloma Long ago.

As usual you are not correct:

On ownership of Russian oil
Exxon has been operating in Russia for 25 years & has 1000 employees there. There a other foreign companies.

Who owns US oil supplies & exports?:

On the US government ownership in typical hypocritical manner American taxpayer's funds are used by the billions to improve oil profitability:

American oil company shareholders are largely American workers through their pension funds.

Here in Australia car fuel prices have jumped overnight by about 25%. As far as I'm aware all liquid petroleum gas is produced in Australia & the PM has stated that prices will not rise because US, NATO & others have got their knickers in a knot. []


Everything to do with the American government, American price fixing, companies & citizens isn't it?

Here is more - American legacies to the world - []

Now what do you keep telling me about having no right to criticise American behaviour?

Mind you, if you look like your avatar it suggests that you may have been conceived under an earlier abomination of US experimentation.

@FrayedBear You continue your absurd rationalization. Your only "point" is that Russian aggression is OK because someone else did it first.

That is a very stupid analysis, but you never change. Please rant more, as I said you always make a fool of yourself.

@FrayedBear Your knowledge of economics is as poor as your overall judgement. Apparently you can't realize that an economy that is heavily reliant on oil prices benefits from increased oil prices illustrates a truly slow mind.

I'll try to help you. The oil in Russia is static. If it sells at a low price the profit margin in thin. Conversely if it sells at a high price the profits margin increases. This is true and it doesn't matter at all that it is also true for any oil seller.

As I said previously please contine to rant. Your put your foot in your mouth in each post.


Hmmmm.... We really have a few fucking morons on this site i see...

Without specifying who you consider moronic & why I cannot comment.

@frayedbear it should be painfully obvious


Omicron is Greek for moronic and so are the gas prices.

@Castlepaloma I REST MY CASE


Is that the Nut case of the vaxxers moronic fearmongers?
Also Ukrainian wish they had more guns now. Normally I say no guns unless your sitting ducks and lack gas to excape.

@Castlepaloma EVEN FURTHER.....

@Redneckliberal what is your claim to fame & what lasting legacy have you left for humanity other than these:

And US citizens depleted uranium legacy: []

@Castlepaloma please put up some photographs of your legacy & people can compare the two.



Sunken treasure museum in St Florida US . and dozens of other natural history and dinosaur museums display around the world.

Met hundreds of politicains like John Glenn

World record indoor sandcastle, do have 25 world record scale sculptors. largest sculpture of any kind of material is 67 ft tall and 6 acres.


Redneckliberal are you keeping up? Or do I get into affordable housing and Urban farming?

@Castlepaloma Thanks. . . Though it's probably like throwing pearls to swine!

@frayedbear i am quite intimate with the effects of agent orange and deal with daily... Two tours in nam.... As an underwater/wildlife photographer i cronicle the ever dwindling wild populations... Enough said.... Those that feel the need to puff themselves up with pompous accolades probably hav'nt......

@Castlepaloma there I thought that it meant little o or Australian might call it - Clayton's o - the orgasm that you have when your not having an orgasm.

The drink you have when you're not having a drink


Since it's a third world war, it's better they get double boosted. It's the answer for everything in Biden's thought and bone in his body.
Diversity is out of the question.

@Castlepaloma Newsflash!!! A World War requires more than two countries to be involved.


When the vaccinated are mandated making most reaction or causing death like those who using as a biological weapon . Forcing our will to vaccinate by discrimination and segradation to the other greater half of the unvaxxer world. Then that is a third world war tyranny greater than experienced in my lifetime history.

@Castlepaloma but you can get sick with the disease and spread it after your vaccinated. But you’re dangerous if not vaccinated.


The pendulum is starting to swing the other way. As it gets more exposure from opposing medical doctors and scientists who will expose more of the wrong doing of political and media mass psychosis. Some how it will get swept up under the rug. Like the millions of poor people killed mostly women and children in the middle east and forgotten. What will the next scam be next,? Green environment passport and AIDs again.

@Castlepaloma Your reply has nothing to do with what I posted.


BRICS is going in a better direction than NATO countries due to more the 3 times their populations and better economic growth. War is the most dislike and natural environment is most liked worldwide. Although green won't come as the lead from WEF or the 1%.

My faith has always been with the loving selfish independent individuals who win out throughout human history as everyone has been natural born anarchist.

America today is older, crankier and more ripe for a break-up. It is one nation, divisible. Americans are more split than at any time since the civil war – by geography, history, religion, values and, increasingly, politics

Same for Countries who are breaking up into smaller countries because they are happier.


Weren't you saying the other day, that Russia attacking/invading Ukraine was American propaganda? Now that there is evidence of this you are now trying to justify war by saying "well America did it first".

Tejas Level 7 Feb 25, 2022

He loves Russia more than Trump does.

@FrayedBear Putin is a devious liar.

Putkin counts on FrayedBear's backing even more than he counts on China's propaganda.

Personal I don't approve of bullies of any kind. . Half of Russia doesn't approve Putin's actions. I wish to abolish wars all together. Yet, only the record breaking profiteers and have benefited are the wealthy and the same with COVID 19!!!

@Petter who taught him but the west & America in particular.

On Western behaviour I suggest that you refresh your eyeballs with some of the recent US atrocities through the use of agent orange & depleted uranium:

A wonderful legacy that your 'upright' US presidents & people have left future generations around the world.

@FrayedBear justifying a heinous act by quoting other heinous acts is idiotic.
I suppose you condemn Germany sending defensive weapons to Ukraine by quoting Nazi atrocities.

@Petter Is Russia's action equal let alone as "heinous" as that perpetrated against the people of E.Ukraine by the so called fellow countrymen perpetrating the genocide since 2014?

@Petter Seems Chinese voices say the same things that I do.

@FrayedBear You are listening to bullshit and spreading it. My only possible conclusion is that you are a Russian-paid disseminator of disinformation.

@Petter And there Petter you identify yourself as a mercenary and a poor one at that when you attempt to dismiss reality with American fantasy. If American originated agent orange & depleted uranium have not caused the ongoing birth defects, decades later, in many countries what has? Sarcasm alert - Father Christmas?

@Petter @Timeoutforme has just put up above a couple of very interesting interviews of Putin. I suggest that you watch them. She has also made interesting commentary on how BRICS members are being threatened to toe the line against Russia.

@FrayedBear Ex-KBG thugs don't need education in illegal activities, they practically invented it.

@Alienbeing yeah I heard that they dug up your great grandfather's skeleton and only took half an hour to get him to confess.

@FrayedBear, @Petter @Petter, you must realize that FrayedBear is more loyal to Putin than virtually any Russian citizen. He has no reason, or at least can't express a reason to be this way, but it is what it is.

The main (actually only defense I've seen from FrayedBear) is "someone else previously invaded someone else so it must be OK for Russia to invade.


@Alienbeing I am not responsible for your indoctrinated beliefs, comprehension skills or cognitive dissonance.
Have a nice day.

@FrayedBear Poor attempt. YOU, not I, are the one defending the indefenseable Russian actions.

Get professional help.

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