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Racist reportage on Ukrainian Refugees:

TimeOutForMe 8 Mar 1

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This is nothing new and the US is guilty as much as any country. At the beginning of Hitler’s rise, boatloads of Jewish refugees were turned away and sent back to die. Trump was just the latest to refuse Muslim immigration. And of course, the Southern border is still giving Conservatives sphincter issues. But then Europeans have been attacking each other constantly for centuries, with religion being the most common cause. This created massive mouvements of refugees from one country to another. When they weren’t fighting in Europe, they were fighting over the territories of native populations in the countries they expanded into. But those populations were never welcome to emigrate to the European countries that took them over. Life is not fair, never was, never will be.
But thank you for sharing to point out what is not so obvious to those of us who limit our news to our own privileged outlets!


European countries have been applying racist requirements for entry long before the Ukrainians fled their country. Belarus in particular has made the headlines in this area.

Yes racism is evident in everything we do and it's important to call it out. The West is quite probably more sympathetic to the Ukraine situation because they are middle class white people instead of starving desperate people of color which have been fleeing to Europe for several years.

Refugees need a lot more support other than just permission to enter. Many European countries are straining under the burden that economic refugees create. Racism is part of their reaction but I think limited resources play a part as well. Lifeboats can only hold so many people without going under. I am so glad I do not have to decide who gets on the lifeboat.


Your comment: "European countries have been applying racist requirements for entry long before the Ukrainians fled their country.". Correct!

...but the continuous racist events, even those uttered by the various reporters has been blatant and cannot go unnoticed amidst the tragedy. Totally Unacceptable! We are all human or have they forgotten?

@Lorajay At the moment the Ukrainian airspace is not safe for South Africa to fetch them and It will be wise for them to leave on land to neighboring countries...but they're being pushed to the back. They're human beings even though not Ukrainian.


100% racism!

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