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I'd like to suggest a new feature. When uploading photos many times they get rotated so they display sideways. Could it be possible to add a tool that enable those who upload photos to rotate them when they upload sideways, so they can display right side up?

As an example I added a photo I had posted in the "Feline Fanatics" group of my new cat Whiskers, which posted sideways.

snytiger6 9 Mar 4

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That would be a useful feature, but I'm not expecting any new features anytime soon, if ever. Fernapple's workarounds are the best way to deal with it for now. Shoot in landscape mode when you can.

skado Level 9 Mar 4, 2022

I had the same issue with a photo I was trying to upload. It didn’t matter what I did, it wound up sideways. I tried saving it rotated, it still came up sideways! Frustrating!


Maybe a good idea. What the site actually does is, it displays them only in landscape. Which means that, in the mean time, there are at least three things you can do. One is to turn your camera landscape before you shoot, especially if shooting with this site in mind. The second is, if you do not need all of the photo, then crop it down in size removing the top and/or bottom to make it wider than high, and the third is to use a photo editor to put a longer than high frame around it, with a blank space on each side.

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