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Is this site too good?

With the exception of my posts, almost all the posts are followed by "tons" of lengthy and well thought out comments. Rarely do I have anything new to add to them. Usually on Facebook I can bring a new slant to a post, not here though. Damn, people have it covered, and usually the sarcasm also. Plus, I rarely have the patience to read all the comments. The addition of groups to this site was a great thing.

Rudy1962 9 Apr 24

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It's an awesome group. Lots of thoughtful reflective people.


I think its fantastic mostly.


Sometimes the fish aren't biting. Sometimes you land a big one. It varies. Keep trawlin'.


I'm new so interested in seeing what it's all about here?


Haha, nice hashtag


You'll find your voice and it'll probably be a welcome one. The interests categories are a good place to start and maybe eventually you'll start your own interest group. Also, I'm not a fan of lengthy well thought out comments, especially the lengthy part. That's why I keep mine short and shitty.

Ha! Me too


I fear joining groups; afraid I'll be exposed.


I figure, as long as I don't make any claims I can't back up and am willing to admit my ignorance when I am ignorant, there's not much to expose. Prefacing statements with "I believe" or "I think" covers your ass pretty well too.

@vita, sometimes, yeah. I often use the old 'imho' ploy.


I would say it's pretty awesome .. mostly due to the people

Too much awesomeness?

@Rudy1962 Like Awesomoverloadness?


We are improving thanx to admn all the time.


Nailed It Bro!

Coldo Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

I've been searching the Internet for intelligent life for years. Facebook is full of inane, superficial fluff such as stupid pet pics, photos of food and fake news. Not much with substance. Anything I post seems too controversial for everyone else and many people are offended by political and religious opinions I have. Craig's List is just the Wild West of trolling and baiting. Ugh!

I think I have found a smart community here who like to talk about things that matter. And I'm glad my opinions haven't hurt or angered anyone.

To be fair, I like stupid pet pics and photos of food. Fake news, not so much.

Yah. In all seriousness, you are right

Maybe I was hurt but kept quiet.


It could be better..
I hate not being able to block stupid people automatically!!!


I'm having trouble connecting with the site ... so far. As you've mentioned, someone else has already made the valid points by the time I come along. What comments I do make may get Likes, but not much in the way of replies. This probably has more to do with me and my contributions than any failing on the part of the site, but still, if I can't connect eventually, I'll probably drift off.

I wish the site had a chat room. But, having been one of the moderators on an atheist chat once upon a time, I totally understand why the operators of this site probably aren't interested in adding one. So. Many. Trolls. And hard to keep things from devolving into ... what chat rooms usually devolve into.

vita Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

Click on "Discuss" and then "Newest". I think you will get a chance to be one of the first to express your thoughts before others do. Then you will be speaking for them. They will only have a chance to Like your comments. 🙂


For who or what ?

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