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Supreme Court rejects jerrymandering case in NC and PA

Organist1 8 Mar 7

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In this case, we can cheer.

A lower court had rejected a GOP gerrymander as racist. The GOP appealed and SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal.


The "right" to vote blueRed or redBlue continues....duopoly prevents open choices to all candidates which is real voter rights ....voters should vote PRINCIPLES rather than the delusion of picking a winner from 2 colluding parties


something needs to be done about this jerrymandering. Perhaps a bi-partisan commission in each state to draw the maps?

They would never agree.

It needs to be handed off to a computer program.

@Organist1 Yup. They couldn’t agree in NY

@racocn8 let me program it.

States are gradually changing to independent commissions. Too gradually IMO.

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