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I believe we are coming into a time when the truth about many organized religions and the lies within them are going to be coming to light. One of the reasons besides writing about this that got me to wander in here is how to keep mass numbers of people from completely checking out and becoming very depressed without religion. I really like that this community is emphasizing happiness in everyday life and doing constructive things to facilitate support of others, love, and compassion. I have witnessed the devastation that happens to those who fall out of favor, by choice or not by choice from their religious affiliation. I also see how those with no belief can be really disconnected and depressed. Thoughts?

seraphina33 4 Dec 4

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Just gotta get it done before we kill ourselves.

godef Level 7 Dec 4, 2017

This will only happen with thinking people.... which unfortunately is less than half of those in the U.S.


where there is an opportunity there is an opportunist.


There will always be some form of religion and faith-based cults. As long as there are people who have been psychologically and emotionally hurt there will be organizations to take advantage of their needs. We know that child abuse (of all kinds) is not exclusive to the poor it spans all levels of economics and status.

Organized religions have evolved over the millennia and adjusted their policies as trends change and will continue to do so.

Education is the answer, teach children critical thinking to question everything as well as exposing them to science in an interactive way. That will go a long way in making changes for the better. 🙂

Betty Level 8 Dec 4, 2017


I agree with you where televangelistic/extreme Christian groups are concerned, social media is very helpful in that regard. Mainstream organized religion is another matter as they change their message and policies along with mainstream society as we have seen with the Pope's more liberal messages. That is what worries me.


I deeply hope that you are right.
You are correct in pointing out that those "true believers" who have committed their entire being to their religious ideology will be shattered. The disillusionment will leave them with virtually nothing in terms of defining who they are. It will be frightening to be so empty, so alone.

But, that is the existentialist dilemma: If we are to be free to define ourselves, we must face the fact that each of us is essentially alone in the universe; that no one totally understands us for who and what we are. Once we do that, we are free to form out own patterns of meaning, our own definition of self, our own values and beliefs, our own linkages with others. It will be hard for the disillusioned, bu "coming out the other side." will be exhilarating!

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