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Weapons of Mass distraction

Phase 1. Covid world order

Phase 2 Threat of world war or a 3 nuclear war.

Wail many runs on banks or currency's collapse on the centre banks around the world. Replacement by Mass investment in free trade, hardware, crypto currency and metals.
My personal favorite Food, freedom and housing.

United Nations fat Cat Federations, decided; Russian cats are no longer welcome to compete in shows. The dogs, plants, affordable living and other healthier alternative are not welcome into competitions. And hit Putin where it hurts, just boycott them and isolate them like Siberian. Make them wear a blue & red or yellow crocheted face mask – that’ll really teach Putin for saying masks and vaccines put all against all.

Who supports it,? Most who comply everything they are told. No Men Welcome Here. WEF Klaus the most dangerous man in the world is welcome. His once harvest Putin service. Today it's looking grimmer than ever by another zombie-brains war on the people . Another is chemically-induced estrogen in his camp. We once fear radiation and muster gas in War. Then they turned them into gold standard for curing cancer.

That is not all folks!!!

Uncle slow Joe is authority on nuclear. Same guy with an attack on a virus. Lead us also into our basement where you can socially distance at least six feet. And wear your mask! (The crocheted one will do) another kind of war.
Meanwhile, in the real world The Pfizer “vaccine’s” 1,291 side effects come to light without a squeak Mainstream Media and Alien Invasion programming. And, inflation rockets, as does gas prices, but that’s okay because we’re helping Ukraine, like it was planned.

There are many peaceful ways to get rid of a fascist government and economic. I choose my way listed above from planning it 15 years ago. Stop feeding fascist government . Take your out your own individual brick from the wall or be a sheep in a mall.

Castlepaloma 8 Mar 13

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I can't remember when I have read such idiocy as your post.

That means you don't understand and don't know enough to question it or rebuttal it.

Probably at one of his previous posts ? It doesn’t matter . They are all equal stupid , ain’t worth the x and energy

@Castlepaloma Your absurdity continues. I have lived in Europe, have served in the US Army in West Berlin, have graduate levcel work in political science, international relatuions, and intellectual history/. What are your qualifications for making the statements that you do?????


Mainly from being a living example of loving my own work for most waking hours of my life and team work, for over 47 years. Been mainly Self-taught and international award winning in sculptor, horticulturist, athletics, tiny house builder and travels to 6 continents. Won 5 sandsculpture
world championship titles and metaled 26 times. Build top natural history and dinosaurs museum displays. Won 194 international awards mostly science, historical and nature related. One example of my work is on this ID photo.

Started out as an animator and now my daughter a world renowned animator for 11 years and the love of my life. I'm a life coach helping from balancing people's lives to top international award winning athletic, Artist, writers, horticulturist and from other walks of life. In the end, it's the person with the most joys in life, not most toys, who wins.

I met hundreds of politicians and military men worldwide.
Had my US green card taken from me for refusing to do a war sculpture for GW Bush. Because I think killing people is the lowest form of mental illness. Regardless of being an optimist and anarchist. Plus respect everyone in degrees and hope others would return the respect.

Do whatever you want, just don't harm.

h, WW, it is yet another post by one of our resident Village Idiots. This one now claims to have major learning in everything (the list grows with every post...about 6 months ago he was claiming to be a "world-renowned" sand sculptor!!!)
Excellent in everything except spelling, obviously......


Can you see the top quality of my work on this forum ID photo?. I've traveled to 6 continents and built several sandsclptures on each one of them, over 47 years.. Won 5 sandsculpture world championship titles, more than anyone and metaled 26 times. It takes a million to one chance that a professional artist of any kind can be a fulltime professional for 4 decades. I deserve and paid my dues to call myself a world renowned artist. So has my Daughter traveling to 4 continent, displaying her work is also a world renowned artist. We are in business together.

How is Michael Phelps being an Olympic gold medalist more than any athlete in the world?. From excellence, his downside is he suffers from depression. Maybe my downside is spelling. That doesn't mean I can't teach writers to reach international award winning level because I teach them about balance within themselves, by strengthening their weaknesses, not their strengths.

World's tallest indoor sandcastle


Show me, your toy bridges you sell?

@Castlepaloma You still have not given one significant qualificcation. Y0u all play the same game -- avoidance of the question and obfduscati0on.


This is a pirate museum display with millions of dollars of historical artifacts. Had the Canadian largest sculpture shop employed 20 full time workers and hundreds of contractors, in sculpture ,scienctist and historicains.


What can you show me, other than poli-tricks killings and at best world champion liars?


There are some top politician or soildrers who are decent and not destroyers. Who don't break the constitutional and human right laws too often. Right now there is not enough of them. More importantly each one of us must change away from tyrants of fear and greed to love and kindness. Or Whatever works.

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