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One of my friends, Ezriel Wilson, currently has an art fellowship at UT-Arlington Tx. The fellowship she proposed was on anti abortion. This is one of the works she will be presenting in her showing.

I could not be prouder of her for her activism and determination

glennlab 9 Mar 14

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Will her show be open to the public? It would be fun to attend.

As soon as I get details I'll let you know.

She has the first part of her project featured at the Grand Prairie Library, 901 Conover Dr, from 5-8pm Tuesday, 3/15, then the entire show will be sometime in April

@glennlab - Thanks. I won't be able to make it tomorrow, but would be interested to know when it's open next month.

@RussRAB She doesn't have the dates or exact location yet, but should have it by the end of the month.. I'll keep you posted.

@glennlab - I appreciate it.


Excellent! Passion and art are an unstoppable combination, and I suspect her showing will make some well-deserved waves.

She has been working hes ass off for the last 3 months and really didn't expect her project to be accepted since UTA has a history of avoiding controversy. I can't wait to see all the works once she shows.

@glennlab I didn't realize that about UTA - I'm extra happy for her, then, and for you. Please share some of her other works if you get the chance.

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