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Amber mentioned Biden’s trip next week to Europe. I understand NATO leaders will meet. They will be a tempting target for an attack by Putin.

Based on how poorly the current attack is going, I doubt Putin would enlarge the war.


You’re okay with teaching five year olds about sex and sexuality???

Interesting….. fucked up, but interesting.

@Retiredsteve That’s what that bill blocks. Because they were doing they legally can’t.
The bill itself doesn’t have the word “gay” in it at all. But the liberals have to put their wording to it to get attention from regards that don’t read.


You haven’t even glanced at the bill

I don't think there are any lesson plans for the young kids. I think it is more like, if the teachers are asked questions by young kids, they are no longer allowed to answer truthfully. And, THAT is fucked up.

In the U.S. we are very uptight about sex. In Europe they don't attempt to hide the truth about sex, sexual orientation and sexual identity from kids. They have lower teen pregnancies and lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and lower rates of kids committing suicide. We need to abandon our Calvinistic values around human sexuality, for a mentally healthier society.


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