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The Denny's restaurant hypothesis

Decades ago I traveled via car a good portion of the US except for most of the east coast and north east. I often wondered if there was any city in the US of a population of 50,000 or more that didn't have a Denny's restaurant I proclaimed I would settle there. Long story short I never found such a city minus a Denny's.

Can anyone prove my Denny's hypothesis wrong?

FvckY0u 7 Mar 23

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If they don't have a Denny's don't go there if they do.


I noticed the same thing many yeas ago. Apparently, some company had a lot of money, and built all these buildings all over. Now most I see are either empty or serve some other function. I remember seeing one in Portland, but that was a long time ago. Sambos was the same, but I see them no more.

I'd hate to think there were still Sambo's around. I think a lot of them sold to Denny's and similar restaurants?

@Lauren Perhaps, I did not care or watch what was happening with them as I was not doing much traveling. Thought when I was they always seemed to be consistent.

@dalefvictor They were in the area I grew up, so we occasionally ate there. I had no problem with the food, it was more the depiction of Sambo. I understand the book has been revised several times to be less racist, and perhaps the restaurant could have done that as well, but chose to sell.

@Lauren Most of my life I have been entirely blind to racism. I used to ride on the bus, in the back section, while white people told me to ride in the front, I was with my grandmother's housekeeper who was black, I used to go home with her and play with her kids. It was fun. Later I was with an Indian family in Albuquerque, the doctors were there and we lived on an Indian reservation, Zuni, We were made to sit at a table in a restaurant for a long time to eat. When the bill came the waitress asked if I was going to pay for the family, I got it, I said to her, "Yes". Since then I have seen it and racism makes absolutely no sense to me. I learned that we are all the same we just speak differently and have different experiences to talk about. I never got that Sambo's was about racism, I just thought black ladies are good cooks, and I can attest that almost everyone I have eaten with is a great cook and provider.


Philadelphia has 1.65 million people. The closest Denny's is in Langhorne PA and there's one in Essington PA, close but they are not in Philly proper.

Isn't that restaurantism? Denying Denny's to those 1.65 million people is a travesty.

@darren316 Denny's blows.


Murfreesboro, tn 136000+ no grand slam.

C'mon man! I'm not moving to TN, no way!

@darren316 I'm not inviting. just breaking your hypothosis.


Google it.
Macon Georgia Population: 153,095 (2018)
Has no Dennys

I'm going to have to seriously consider moving there. No wait, there is a Denny's in Macon, GA. It's closed down but the Denny's building is still there. I think my hypothesis is still alive.

@darren316 closest is 30 miles south if you get a hankering for dry pancakes.

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