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LINK Anti-abortion NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson paid for an abortion in 1989

(As usual republicans harsh views only apply to others, and not themselves.)

Mark Robinson, the Republican Lt. Governor of North Carolina, is all but certain to run for governor in 2024, which is why he’s been spending the past several months going all in on Christian nationalism.

This is a guy who, in the past year alone, has said that forced religion in public schools could prevent mass shootings, that “transgenderism” and “homosexuality” amount to “filth,” that the trans movement is “demonic” and full of “Antichrist spirit,” and that straight couples are “superior” to gay ones.

When it comes to abortion, he’s been equally extreme, saying in a speech last summer that once a woman is pregnant, “it’s not [her] body anymore.” His campaign website made clear that, “As a Christian, Mark will honor the sanctity of life.”

That “sanctity” didn’t seem to matter in 1989, however, when Robinson paid for an abortion. It’s a story that he doesn’t talk about at churches and which doesn’t appear on his website, but one he openly shared publicly on Facebook in 2012, when virtually no one was paying him much attention.

snytiger6 9 Mar 24

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Anything to get a vote, but cross there fingers if the voters don't find about the skeletons in their closets.


I’d bet that if the old (and not so old) mostly white men who are voting for these anti-abortion laws across the country had their mistress tell them she was pregnant, they’d shell out the cash for an abortion without a second thought, rather than be embarrassed and have to pay child support!


So what? He made what is a mistake but he prayed about it and it's all good now. His sins have been wiped clean. He's as free from sin as a newborn. People actually believe this shit.

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