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Not from RT, not from Fox but from the Pentagon: where are all the fascist trolls demonising Russia & Putin? Come forth & start again!

Two leaked stories from the Pentagon have exposed the lies of mainstream media about how Russia is conducting the Ukraine war in a bid to counter propaganda intended to get NATO into the conflict, writes Joe Lauria.


And let's look at the leaders in the propaganda operation of disinformation []

FrayedBear 9 Mar 24

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What a load of absolute bollocks. When did the "press core" take over the running of the country. Biden is treading a fine line between helping Ukraine and not antagonising Putin. Poland were just about to give the Ukrainians most of their Mig fighters but this was vetoed by Biden and please do not repaeat that bullshit about Ukrainian propaganda. Have you seen the remains of the city of Mariupol

The ukrainians could have avoided it but stupidly thought that begging for weapons from NATO & US would somehow prevent it.
Get real.

The Chinese knew that the cost of invading Australia to gain the port of Darwin was too great. Instead they simply bought it.
Perhaps if the ukrainians had done the same?

@FrayedBear The US and NATO were either naive or deliberately provocative in asking Ukraine to join NATO but that does not excuse the actions of Putin

@Moravian What do you think Boris will do if the Isle of Man sells a site to Russia to build nuclear missile sites?

@Moravian or N.Korea?

@FrayedBear Unfortunately I have nuclear weapons much closer to me that the IOM. Polaris missiles in the Clyde Hopefully when Scotland finally leaves the Union we can send them back to England.
I presume you are referring to nuclear weapons in Ukraine. They were sent back to Russia in the 1990's after the break up of the Soviet Union and if you think NATO would put nukes there you are delusional.

@Moravian How does Putin & his generals know that NATO won't put nuke missiles in Ukraine?


Joe Lauria is a steaming pile of shit!

What for revealing Pentagon information. You'd better hound him like Assange.


Thank a democrat.

They’re all retarded.

I thought the rethuglicans claimed that entitlement?

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