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LINK GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Guilty Of Three Felonies In Campaign Contributions Case - CNNPolitics

What A Surprise! A Piece Of Shit Republican Criminal. Let's See If This Motherfucker Does Any Jail Time.

barjoe 9 Mar 25

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I'm not going to hold my breath for him doing time. The Judge is a Trump appointee. But he has repeatedly ruled against all Fortenberry's motions, so there may be hope to see the good congressman doing time.

Is it because he's just a lowly Rep? Or is it because he's a Republican? I've only seen passing comments in the media. The House has (another? I don't know) convicted felon in their ranks.

He's scheduled for sentencing June 28 and faces up to 5 years in prison for each of the three counts.
I'm with you. We'll see if he gets anything -- or even gets expelled from Congress -- or if the sentencing get derailed by appeals or political machinations.😞


The rep announced this morning that he is resigning Mar. 31. He must be out of options. Ha, ha.

@RichCC Or if his dumb fuck voters vote him in again. But…….would that be a surprise?


The GOP is run by a collection of geriatric power-hungry delinquents.


Big surprise eh!!?? White collar criminal fucks.

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