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Dating and religion

Is dating a religious person a deal breaker for you?

Frankbert1 3 Apr 24

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I hate how shallow and/or intolerant it might make me sound to say yes, but yes. I consider myself a critical thinker, and believe everyone should be. Those that believe in magic beings and ancient myths well into their adulthood frankly scare me. I mean, they are allowed to vote on important matters that effect us all. If they can't see the fantastical nonsense of religion, how much thought are they putting into their other choices? It really makes one question the intelligence of others. And it's truly terrifying when you realize how severely outnumbered you are.


Most people are religious in principle. Practicing would be a deal breaker. I'd be crazy to say no to everyone


Not for me. I used to be religious, so I get it.

Marz Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

Only if they try to push their religion on me but in the first meeting I can usually tell and I never hear from them again.


Yuppers. Could handle it as friends but not as lovers. Deists, though are probably the closest I'd get to "god-believers." They tend to be more sane. I've had too many bad reactions with theists, especially abrahamic religions.


I'd have to question their intelligence, so probably.


No. That would preclude maybe 95% of the prospects. I figure if they can tolerate me, I should be able to tolerate them.

“A happy union is not one of perfect partners but the triumph of love over imperfections.” - Unknown​

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