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LINK Misinformation is stopping renewable energy projects : NPR

(I remember Trump claiming that windmills caused cancer among other false claims.)

...In between posts selling anti-wind yard signs and posts about public meetings opposing local wind projects, there were posts that spread false, misleading and questionable information about wind energy. Links to stories about wind turbine noise causing birth defects in Portuguese horses. Posts about the health effects of low frequency infrasound, also called wind turbine syndrome. Posts about wind energy not actually reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Photos of wind turbines breaking, burning and falling β€” some in nearby counties and states, but some in Germany and New Zealand. According to 2014 data from the Department of Energy, the most recent available, out of the then-40,000 turbines in the U.S., there had been fewer than 40 incidents...

snytiger6 9 Mar 28

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From an engineering stand point it’s a simpler and safer process than burning fossil fuels; fewer moving parts and no sympathetic ignition risks. I agree they are ugly; but not as ugly as starvation due to wild climate shifts.


You can bet the fossil fuel industries have a hand in this....(she says, cynically!) 😟

I remember watching a "documentary on Netflix that basically was a propaganda piece to try to make windmills look bad. I gave it one star and reviewed it as pure propaganda.

So what if windmills have yet to find an aesthetically pleasing design. They still look better than oil refineries or incinerator plants, whether they are burning garbage or coal. They also smell better.

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