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After sustaining heavy losses, Russian soldiers attack commander by running over him with a tank

As reported by Liz Sly for the Washington Post:

"Russian soldiers have attacked and injured their commanding officer after their brigade suffered heavy losses in the fighting outside the capital, Kyiv, according to a Western official and a Ukrainian journalist."

"Troops with the 37th Motor Rifle Brigade ran a tank into Col. Yuri Medvedev, injuring both his legs, after their unit lost almost half its men, according to a Facebook post by Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk. The post said the colonel had been hospitalized."

"The Daily Mail article, for its part, indicates that Medvedev had since died (which correlates with the unidentified “Western official’s” assessment, cited in the Post article.)."

"The episode has echoes of 'Fragging' during the Vietnam War - when soldiers would take out hated officers by throwing grenades into their tents."

"As Sly reports, the incident reflects the 'plummeting morale' of Russian troops in Ukraine."

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nogod4me 8 Mar 28

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Shit happens when you treat soldiers like unfed cattle....

It looks to be turning into a turkey shoot...

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