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Love letter from a passionate and persistent admirer…

skado 9 Mar 28

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I like it when people argue and give two choices that seem to them to be the only solutions possible. It just shows me that they are not smart enough to be creative and come up with something that would have more meaning. Much is told to others by inept thought.


Triphid is on my blocked list. I only deal with idiots for so long.


Skado must have a masochistic streak, if he is still communicating with Triphid.
I have blocked that obnoxious guy long ago

Same here.


That is rather rude yes, but it was private, you don't have to share it.

Rapes usually are.


And your response? I would just say, “yes”. I mean, “ever” could be ANY time…


I like to watch.


Triphid demands total agreement & when he gets even a tiny hint of non-agreement, goes Ballistic in the oddest way......seems to not remember anything of any previous conversations you may have had with him, just goes for the jugular no matter the topic. Creepy at best, but sadly probably dementia..........

I have witnessed him doing that to you.
Not cool at all.


more compelling, relevant, conversation is to be had with a fencepost.


Skado you awful awful man, how dare you approach someone like that with logic and reasoning?

Joking aside, wasn't he the one in the Senate group recently complaining about one of his posts (which contained porn from what I heard) getting deleted without warning? Small wonder why he gets posts and comments deleted...

Yep, I think he was the one. A piece of work, this one.

@skado And not a skilled piece of work at that.


I'm not feeling the love, in fact I think he has the wrong number.


I think Triphid may have been the first to block me (IIRC, my comments were fairly mild) soon after I joined 2.5yrs ago.

In this case, his name calling indicates a sure loser.

He seems to have some pretty serious problems. I don't have any ill will toward the guy, but shit like this has to be called out.


With all due respect, as your younger friend/brother, I don't think it's a moral manner to publicly share a private conversation. you can block him whenever you want as your absolute right.

Diaco Level 7 Mar 28, 2022

We're all complete strangers here. It's perfectly fine for one stranger to share a conversation with another stranger with more strangers. He can do whatever he wants.

I share your sentiments about private conversations, but this was no conversation. I haven't spoken to him in months. He has been verbally assaulting me at every opportunity for no reason other than the fact that my worldview is different from his. I have never said an unkind word to him.

As long as it was public I just ignored it, but sending aggressively hostile private messages is a bridge too far. This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to be made public immediately. Especially since we now have no recourse through proper channels. I've never blocked anyone on any site, ever, and I'm not going to be forced to alter my standards by someone else's misbehavior. As the saying goes, I like to keep my friends close, and my enemies closer.


The longer you resist his advances the more he’s going to want you.

It’s gonna be a steamy rendezvous!


He used to send trash talking messages to me too. I told him to shove it, then he blocked me. He is a sad human. Dude takes pictures off of Google and claims them as his own, pathological liar.

Tejas Level 7 Mar 28, 2022

I should be so lucky! He feigned threatening to block me once, but just couldn’t bear the thought of living without me. He IS kinda cute. I’d miss his endearing ways, sorta like how I miss my kidney stone.

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