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So the Theory is Will Smith Risked his reputation and everything... and Slapped Chris in the Oscar live event in front of billions of eyes Because he doesn't want to get Slapped by Tom Cruise or someone else!... hmmm, IDK, Maybe!

Diaco Level 7 Mar 29, 2022

No. The culture of Scientology is violent. David Miscavage is known to beat down his subordinates. They are awful people.

@barjoe IDK man, the only thing I know is for a while made us busy with fear of Freemasonry, and then Illuminati, and then Scientology... etc.
All of them are Full of empty.
IMO, in the worst case, that was staged to bring attention to the Oscar event in the middle of Ukraine's disaster.


I’m still trying to process the slap heard round the world. I go back with Smith (Fresh Prince persona) and Rock (Pookie) a long way as entertainers. But the Scientology rumors add a new dimension.


Regardless of truth value Hollywood fame can really damage people. Yeah they have more money than I could dream of and I should resent that but seems like a meat grinder.

As for Chris Rock, he had great talent around him in this ensemble cast, but one of the funniest scenes ever:

And this scene from Bad Boys II was intense.

Martin Lawrence common denominator in both.


Smith is a scientologytard. Can't say I'm surprised. Why is it these religious nuts have to put so much time, energy, and/or money to indoctrinate children. Fuckinig sick if you ask me.


I didn't know the Smiths were into that garbage. How idiotic! Is Chris Rock one as well?

No. He's a victim. Violence is rooted in the indoctrination of Scientology.

He should press charges, but he won't.

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