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A friend of mine child was very sick. After intensive care and treatment in hospital I am happy to say he is on the mend and heading home for Xmas. The only thing that annoys me is the fact the mum thank god her prays were answered and God healed her boy. When I politely pointed out it was the medical intervention of staff and medicine, her response..' God guided them. SMH. Well on that case, God made the illness too. I love my friend, but we agree to disagree a lot.

Fluffykytten 5 Dec 4

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God gives AIDS to infants.


I would remember the love you have for your friend and agree to disagree about her belief in the supernatural being. At the end of our lives if she gets to meet her maker, so be it. If we all dissolve into nothingness, so be it. I won't be there telling her she told you so. 😉


The doctors and nurses should get all the credit.


Sounds like my wife. When I pointed out to her that science was the discoverer of modern medicine, and that religious people were always railing against science, she said "well who do you think puts those ideas in the scientist heads?God!". I couldn't make her understand that there's not someone beaming thoughts into our heads, that thoughts are just what brains do.

She thinks god is the inspiration for people to do good, and that there's just evil in the world. I guess bad guys think for themselves.


I suppose there will always be some ridiculous way to make something an act of god.


As a cancer survivor I don't argue with the people who felt good about themselves and prayed for me or the chaplains who would come in to visit me. If you love and respect your friend let her think what she wants to believe. You know it was medical care that saved her daughter. Let it pass.

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