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LINK More than a dozen states propose so-called 'Don't Say Gay' bills : NPR

First Florida. Then Alabama. Now, lawmakers in Ohio and Louisiana are considering legislation that mimics the Florida law. And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he'll make a similar bill a top priority at the next session.

Across the United States, at least a dozen states are considering new legislation that in several ways will mirror Florida's new controversial law, referred to by some opponents as "Don't Say Gay."

snytiger6 9 Apr 10

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Hearing stuff like this makes me think this country going further down the shitter.


Honestly I think we're headed toward 2 Americas. Much like Germany divided, I think we will too.

When an intractable state of affairs prevails what other choice is there?

@ASTRALMAX Good point.


Guess this is the new Republican trigger words, gay and trans! 🤬


What a shocking development. Copy cats. My advice to Dems is to let this one go for this campaign season and return to it afterward if it is having real life effects. We have better campaign issues to press and shouldn't let the actions of cons, cynical actions designed to lead Dems into ineffective alleys, act like a leash to walk us. I know leashes are in but we need to keep our eye on the sparrow.

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