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LINK Anti-abortion group claims it took 115 fetuses from a medical waste truck : NPR

Uhm. Why? Just WTF?

This is a follow up to the five fetuses found in that "activists" home.

(I'm a part time activist. I can't imagine rolling into Chicago and stealing people away from gun violence. False equivalency? Yes. But living breathing people could tell me to fuck off or "no." This person stole dead, no viable beings. I'm so seriously confused by this. Why? Why? HOW COME???????? 😳😳😳😳


SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 10

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Those people have no respect for humanity.


People like this are trying to add a shock aspect to abortions. They liken it to throwing away babies. Maybe they should spend some of their energy going after clergy that abuse, sexually assault and actually kill living children instead of hammering on about a fetus which is not yet a real human.

The cognitive deficit in such people can only be described as catastrophic.

@anglophone Unfortunately, these people are becoming more common.


If only these people would put all that energy into fighting for the starving poorly clad children in America and have this bullshit they pull as a side gig I might feel something other than complete disgust for these ignorant idiots.
Standing around protesting for an ideal, why not set up a kitchen to cook and feed kids. Set up a shop to sew clothing. 😔

Such people have a dangerously warped perspective on life. There is zero chance of them doing anything that is so positive and constructive.


There is no accounting for the behaviour of dangerous crazies.


What's their plan for the stolen fetuses? Film an elaborate funeral?

I was a board member for Planned Parenthood for ten years.

I do not believe that they had a plan. Having a plan requires an ability to think, which ability they manifestly lack. They may have had vague intentions, but nothing more.


She saved them for Jebus!!

RIGHT! Lil' baptisimal outfits for their lil' bodies.....wait.....where IS that lil' body?


"Claims" being the operative word here. I've volunteered at the local Planned Parenthood for years and can tell you that untrained ''activists" wouldn't be able to recognize an early-term fetus if they saw one.

BUT...maybe they've been trying to resurrect them? Bury them in teeeeeeeny lil' coffins?

Maybe they weren't even human fetuses. It is just a way to get attention to their (miserable) cause.

@JackPedigo Stranger things've happened!

@LucyLoohoo FFRF sent a notice that this is what it's all about. Banning abortions is still illegal. Curious if Roe vs Wade were overturned what would that look like. Would abortions be illegal or neutral depending on the individual states. I have noticed the Supreme Courts tries to walk a middle road.
BTW are you planning on going to the convention in San Antonio (have I already asked this)?

@JackPedigo I haven't really thought about it. When is it?

@LucyLoohoo Oct. 28th -30. SB perfect weather in that part of Texass. My JW sister lives nearby and I thought I might go and needle her.

@LucyLoohoo Out of 7 raised Catholics 6 are atheist and she is the only one with a religion, which given her personality is not unexpected. However, she is very easy to get along with and does try to push her beliefs but in a very friendly way. She had polio when very young and it stopped one leg from growing. She had to go to the hospital once a year and get that leg broken so the healing would allow it to grow. She was always self-conscious about that leg. When I last saw her a couple of years ago. She had a cane and her daughter followed her with a walker. She said the polio had returned and she could only walk so far and the leg would give out, hence the walker. She's pushing 70 and like all the girls in the family is petite.

@JackPedigo But she continues to be religious?

I have a friend of about 30 years who's JW. She believes they rescued her from drug addiction and so, she's loyal. Amazing that we've never argued religion..although some discussions have done a 180-degree turn! 🙂

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