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LINK Colorado school board considering removing LGBTQ+ references from curriculum until 4th grade – The Hill

Education officials in Colorado this week discussed potentially cutting references to LGBTQ+ issues and people from state education standards based on input from parents, who say teachers should not be strong-armed into educating students about things like gender identity.

Members of a Colorado Department of Education committee during a meeting Tuesday said members of the public had expressed concerns over whether references to LGBTQ+ events or individuals belong in elementary school classrooms, according to a slide deck from the meeting.

In turn, the committee suggested that those references be removed from the curriculum prior to the fourth grade.

(Parents seem to be under the mistaken assumption that if kids don't hear about it then their kids won't be gay or trans. The only result will be that their kids which are gay or trans will have lower self esteem, will likely be depressed and have higher rates of suicide. Perhaps instead of removing information form the kids curriculum, the parents should themselves be educated.)

snytiger6 9 Apr 14

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Becuz none of the parents are LGBTQ? Talk about making little kids feel bad, this must be a new low 😟


You bring up a very good point in the last paragraph. At least Colorado didn't take it out all together like other states want to.

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