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Taste like home for Indians in Vancouver

Taste like home for Indians in Vancouver

Moving to Canada from India is an exciting phase in newcomers' lives, but when you settle in your new home, naturally, you miss some of the things that you love the most from your native land. The best part about Canada is that it welcomes multiculturalism and encourages you to celebrate its heritage and traditions.

staying in touch with your cultural roots is one way to make your transition to Canada easier. You will have opportunities to connect with your community through new, but familiar experiences, participate in cultural festivals, and enjoy a taste of home in your new country.

Vancouver is one of the densest, most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. it is located off the pacific coast and boasts warmer climates than anywhere else. If you move to Vancouver from India, you will find many neighborhoods and areas dedicated to Indian culture.

In this article, you will know about some Indian restaurants, Indian grocery stores, Indian shopping, Indian events, worship places, and daily support in Vancouver.

Indian Food Vendors and Restaurants in Vancouver

There are so many Indian foods vendors and restaurants you will find in Vancouver, some popular favorites which is highly recommended:

Tasty Indian Bistro, Vancouver & Surrey:

Apna Chaat House, Surrey

Gully Canteen, Coquitlam:

Mumbai Local, Vancouver

If you want to order food online from the above restaurants, you can order from DoorDash.

Indian Cultural events and Shopping in Vancouver

When you first arrive in Vancouver, it is a good place to find community online. Facebook groups such as ICA (Indian Cultural Association) Vancouver organized events and local meetings for Indian newcomers to the city. Diwali celebrations and other festivals are also celebrated as do Hindu Temples in University campuses in Vancouver.

There is an area Known as Payal Business Center. The people of Vancouver are called “Little Punjab” which offers a mix of the traditional mix of jewelry shops, clothing stores, and restaurants that serves Indian dishes. You will find here a more casual taste of Indian culture.

Grocery Stores in Vancouver

Stores like Real Canadian Superstores and well mark are carrying Indian snacks, Indian spices, and Frozen foods, then you will need to visit a specialty store to find all the ingredients you need for home-cooked Indian dishes. Some options are given below in and around Vancouver:

Fruiticana, Multiple location in BC

Big Bazaar, Surrey

Sabzi Mandi, Multiple location in BC

Worship Places in Vancouver

Sometimes Vancouver is referred to as a “Neighborhood city” because its neighborhoods are especially drawn to certain castes. Apart from a little Punjab, there are also Little Italy, Chinatown, and Greektown to name a few.

Finding a place for worship is not difficult. Depending on the city you live in, you should be able to find a place of worship that reflects your faith.

For Hindu

ISKCON Temple, Burnaby

Hindu Temple, Burnaby

For Sikh

Khalsa Diwan Society, Vancouver

Akila Singh Sikh Society, Vancouver

For Muslim

BC Muslim Association, Vancouver

MAC Vancouver Center, Vancouver

For Christian

Westside Evangelical Church, Vancouver

Coastal Church, Vancouver

Daily support in Vancouver

You may also need everyday support while you search for cultural events and traditional foods to make you feel at home in Canada. It will take some time to get used to the job market, language, and other nuances, but there are places you can go for the help you need to make your transition easier:

MOSAIC provides employment services, settlement services, such as workshops and community-building programs.

Vancouver Public Library’s NewToBC resources help newcomers to find settlement agencies or specific migration programs like employment services and English language classes.

A platform is known as IndiansInVancouver where Indian community members can connect with each other and participate in the cultural festival.

The ArrivalMobile APP is your essential companion in preparing for your life in Canada. Whether you are planning your move to Canada, you will find all the resources and information you need in one place.

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