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And this is the fascist democracy being supported by USA and its NATO allies? A fascist dictatorship that censors & kills democracy through execution?

"Head of Ukraine’s Nikolaev Region, Vitaly Kim, has revealed a secret force was created to eliminate “traitors”. Vitaly Kim, who serves as the governor of Ukraine’s Nikolaev Region, has warned that citizens cooperating with Russian forces will face extrajudicial execution.

‘Traitors’ will be executed – Ukrainian governor []

FrayedBear 9 Apr 25

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How is that not totally correct? Don't you think enemies from within are subject to law....

The russian COLLABORATORS, have been attempting to overthrow Ukraine for decades.... Including poisoning politicians...

Russian media stupidity...... Putin has killed hundreds who have opposed his shit.


Two wrongs don't make a right. How many have your American politicians & governments murdered?

This is all very true.
However, what I have objected to in this whole Ukrainian tragedy has not totally been the misdeeds and misrepresentations of the invader, horrendous as they are, nor the somewhat understandable use of politically spurious organisations by the invaded to fight back, which are neither without western precedent but the hypocrisy of the west and their puppet media.

In wars since 1945, the USA the UK and the Europeans have hidden their wars behind terms such as "Police Actions" "Peace Keeping efforts" and even "Special Operations" as the Russians are doing now when in every case both Russian and otherwise they have been blatant acts of expedient war, for the purposes of political and economic exploitation.
Nor have the US and the UK as well as the Europeans, failed to ally themselves with and supplied weapons to communist partisans, middle eastern terrorist organisations and others in order to overthrow greater perceived "Evils".
The most despicable of these being the US and the UK supplying and paying the Mafia and other organised crime syndicates in Italy, France and Spain to indiscriminately kill Nazi soldiers and assassinate accused collaborators, in return for a promise to allow the unimpeded spread of organised crime in the USA, UK and Europe for twenty five years, during which the hollow cry of de-fanged law enforcement was the pathetic "There is no such thing as the mafia"

The Western Press has portrayed the Ukrainian government as whiter than white, politically, both internationally and domestically, conveniently forgetting their recent history, their association with and condoning of, openly Nazi, Nationalist and racists organisations such as the Azov battalion (Volodymyr Zelenskyy publicly presenting Hero of the Ukraine medals to their leaders shortly before the invasion) and the public overthrow of corrupt previous Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 and his subsequent flight to Mother Russia to save his own neck after making deals with Putin to not join the EEC and instead to funnel billions to Russia in an exclusive energy deal, which would have made them totally reliant on Russia and in effect a Russian Oblast.

@LenHazell53 nicely & succinctly put Len. Do you have links on the Mafia contracts?



Look up Operation Husky and operation Underworld as a starting point and Lucky Luciano's deal with the US navy to protect US shipyards in return for an early release from prison.

@LenHazell53 "In 2007, to cite just one example, the CIA released documents that revealed the agency’s collaboration with the Cosa Nostra in a failed 1960 attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro." I would say "unbelievable" except for having learnt of US duplicity this last 40 years.

The amount of failed US assassination attempts on Castro would make a wacky plot for a farce

@LenHazell53 when you create a delusion you eventually live it & forget reality.
I call it "folies en masse" a substrate of the psychiatric psychotic condition "folies á deux"!


It is fortunate he can not vote here in the USA. We have too many of his ilk as it stands. Source & context & motive are everything.


I am sorry but I can find no mention of this story anywhere else other than on RT and three other sites,
"The Press United" a small India news outlet that simply shovel-wares the RT content on to their site
"Day News Feed" an untracable RT clone site using the same content and even the same site building software and templates as RT
Likewise "CSM times" another RT Clone claiming to be based in Abu Dhabi but using the same content and even the same site building software and templates as RT

What is more worrying is that RT and all three other sites misspell Vitaliy Kim's name as Vitaly Kim

AT THIS TIME I can find no mention or corroboration of this story anywhere else

I am very dubious

If I am wrong and the story is reported more widely by other news outlets I will withdraw this post.

It is good to be sceptical Len & I appreciate your diligence in attempting to corroborate the story.

Whether true or not the story high lights what has been happening for centuries. Even Swift satirised it in Gulliver's Travels.

I post it to give people pause to reflect on what is being said & to hopefully compare to what they themselves are saying.


It is Russia Today which is defunct here in Yankee land. A democracy cannot be a fascist government because fascism does not permit elections, input from its citizenry, and allies itself to a supreme leader or cult figure.
Ukraine during its existence has always wanted independence from Russia which historically has wanted to include Ukraine as part of Russia. But never mind.

Don't bother. He has a Tulsi Gabbard pinup on his bedroom wall and although he claims to be an atheist, he worships at the alter of Vladimir Putin.

Your reply would make more sense if it said that
"honest & open reporting is defunct in American government, its press releases and the purportedly free press ordered what spin & reports to make by its billionnaire owners & their minders.

Thanks for making the point.

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