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POLL As Nevadans urge Biden to stay the course, a judge temporarily stops him from ending Title 42 - Nevada Current

My state's Democrats aren't always right, either. Fighting for rules installed by a traitor is hardly good politics🤨

POTUS Joe should lift Title 42

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rainmanjr 8 Apr 26

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The biggest issue facing this and other developed countries is the continued population growth from any source. I lived in Germany when the Soviet Union started to fall and saw, firsthand, the impact of the flood of people from Russia affected the local populace. The right wing nuts are basically angry at having to share a shrinking resource base with others never mind those from outside their living zone. Unfortunately, both sides are guilty of playing the emotion card and few look to the impact not only on the living standards of inhabitants, bio-diversity and climate change. Policies as this must be based on evidence based reason and not about individuals but policies under which all must live, immigrants and non-immigrants alike.


I think most fail to realize by law we must except refugees, that does NOT mean they all get to stay. Refugees are not immigrants and America runs on immigrants. Restrictions during COVID were expected and that's what Title 42 was about. Truth is there are more Mexicans going back to Mexico than coming in and the vast majority are from other south American countries.
Sadly there have actually been some very good bi-partisan solutions put forth that would solve the issue. It's both parties but primarily the gop that block the solutions because they prefer to use it as a chip for campaigning.

Laws can and often must be changed to meet local times and impacts. Every single, viable, population demographics organization includes limiting immigration. A comment I heard about Afghani refugees coming to the US mentioned how shocked the newcomers were at how much it cost to live here. Who will help them buy housing, find jobs, send their kids to schools and general live a decent life? How does helping others appear to those living here and in dire need for all the aforementioned items? Yes, helping others feels good but, in the long run, what does it do the the life support system under which all life forms must live and thrive?

@JackPedigo We have always limited immigration but it was the republican party that started to use it as a political football. I really think the better solution is to help improve the lives of people in their own countries so there is no need to flee in the numbers we see today. Of course that makes too much good sense. Of course good times means people reproduce more and we are at a point where it is now pretty damn harmful to the environment.

@silverotter11 Yes, we do limit the immigration quotas, but that limit keeps increasing. We also keep applying amnesties for those here illegally. Each time an amnesty is applied we are told it's the last one but then comes along another one. My late partner went through hell getting citizenships for her family and she saw these amnesty programs as a slap in the face for people like her. I heard that a lot on NPR but not anymore. Corporations don't want that issue to be told.
Liberals also use immigration as a political ploy. Some even think we need to implement an open border program, which is pure insanity.

@JackPedigo The way both sides use the issue is disgusting, hurtful and counter productive. I agree an open border is nuts.

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