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Send In The Rats

Verse 1]
Aren't zealots rich?
They have quite a pair.
Even the females among them
Have nose in mid-air
Send in the rats

[Verse 2]
Aren't they all fools?
Don't you approve?
Bringing back Medieval rules
for racked libs won't move
Where are the rats?
Send in the rats

Just as I'd started to wake
Found religion a scam not a lure
Making my exit as fast as my sore feet could move
Sure of myself
Nobody cared.

[Verse 3]
Don't you love farce?
Your fault, I fear
We thought that you'd want what we want
Oh well, my dear
But where are the rats?
Send in the rats
Don't bother, I fear.

[Verse 4]
Let's toast the rich.
They have our ear
We do what they want
And libs disappear
Where are the rats?
There ought to be rats
Wait, they're already here.

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rainmanjr 8 May 5

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