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Neither Jews (2.4% us pop.) nor Muslims (1.1% us pop.) have any prohibition against abortion.

So please remember it's not "the" religious that are driving this debate, it's a "single" religion (70% us pop.) responsible for the whole mess.

TheMiddleWay 8 May 6

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The OT Babble states "life begins at the first breath" and in other areas sets the monetary damages to be paid if anyone causes an inadvertent miscarriage. Period.


Who told you that load of old crap.
In Islam and in Judaism abortion is absolutely forbidden.
My ancestry on my paternal grandmother's side is Jewish and I grew up with a suni Muslim best friend to whose family I was very close.
If you mean there is no mention of abortion in the Torah or the Koran then you are probably right, but there is no mention of it in the bible either. It is a matter of theological doctrine and so called revealed wisdom.
The one religion that does have a scriptural stance on abortion that is not entirely negative is Hinduism which allows it under the same same scriptures that allow the taking of a human life under extreme circumstance.
Zoroastrianism has scriptures that specifically mention that terminating a pregnancy by artificial means is a crime ( though this is aimed more at men trying to induce a miscarriage in their wives, it is now seen as applying to medical abortion too).

So I disagree, religion as a whole is pro-life ad antiabortion because as the RCs say "God must not be denied souls" and the religions must not be denied those souls tithing unto them!

"Islam and in Judaism abortion is absolutely forbidden" -- I don't think so . . .

. . . from []
"Jewish law permits abortion and, if needed to protect the life of the pregnant person, requires it. We do not hold that life begins at conception; rather, the fetus is regarded as “mere water”—according to the Talmud—for the first 40 days and as part of the pregnant person’s body for the duration of the pregnancy after that. (Forty days from conception correlates to about seven to eight weeks’ gestation by contemporary pregnancy counting, which starts from the last menstrual period. Interestingly, about 66 percent of abortions happen in that time, and Islam also regards the first 40 days to be a unique first chapter of time.) But again, abortion is permitted beyond that time frame in Judaism—mental health is considered as serious as physical health; emotional pain is considered as significant as physical pain. Human dignity is regarded as a valid basis for other decisions in Jewish law, and so, too, here."

. . . also


It's dogmatic religion. Not "the" religious but they are the consumers of dogmatic religions. Our demand s/b to completely remove (for effectiveness and fairness across the bored :/) religion from publicly funded places or events. That needs to include any article of clothing or visible jewelry.


We have our special brand of sharia law here in the states.😢

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