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LINK Taliban decree orders women in Afghanistan to cover their faces - CNN

Women in Afghanistan must cover their faces in public, according to a decree issued by the Taliban on Saturday.

The new rules say women must cover their faces, ideally wearing the traditional burqa, according to a statement from the General Directorate of Administrative Affairs.

If a woman does not follow the rules, her “male guardian” will be visited and advised, and eventually jailed and sentenced. Women who work in government offices and do not follow the new decree will be fired.

The Taliban has been criticized for restricting women’s rights and freedoms in various areas of public life.

(I seem to remember that the Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan before George W. Bush invaded, was considered to be progressive as far as Middle Eastern Muslim ruled countries go. Today's Taliban is now just as bad as the other Middle Eastern Muslim ruled countries.)

snytiger6 9 May 8

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THANK YOU BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden was only carrying out the withdrawal that was ordered by Trump. The one time Biden carries out Trump's wishes and republicans put the blame solely on Biden for following though? As it was Biden extended Trump's deadline by two months to try to give more time to get people out safely.,


America in 2025.

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