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What do the rethuglicans offer in return for your votes,
On another thread recently a video was posted asking just the above question
Well ( and this is just in my opinion) how about :-

1 Racist police
2 No gun control whatsoever
3 The myth of the "American dream"
4 HATE, lots and lots of hate
5 God hates everything religion
6 Cheap gas even if it means invading other countries to steal it
7 The return to an American golden age when every one was the "right" colour, spoke the "Right" language, had the "Right" sex/orientation, worshiped the "Right" god and political party, and had the "right" low level of eggukashun so as not to get confoozed by stoopid thigz (like rights and responsibilities)
And those who were not and did not could be taken out and hanged publicly without fear of repercussions from "Liberal, pansy, pantie waists" and of course socialists.

And you know what?
It fucking works every four years between 49 and 50% of A'mirkins vote for exactly that, because that is what they fucking want

Without political and educational reform the Gud Ole Useless Hay with be an openly fascist country before 2040

LenHazell53 9 May 11

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It's Already openly Fascist..


What they offer is unsustainable and worthless, it will not work and will do nothing but put us under their thumb and give them all your money and power.


It's so simple, they offer their voters the fantasy privilege of being better than those other people regardless of their income or accomplishments.


And now they are poised to remove our right to bodily integrity, which raises a whole new group of privacy issues. I suppose all we can hope for now is that women will be scared into voting en masse.

Women always vote in larger numbers than men..White Middle-class and College educated suburban women tend to vote Rethug..even against their own best interests..


Yup... reTHUGliCONs are nothing more than bullies and grifters.


Remember also eternal life with the sky fairy.

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