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One American dies every 5 minutes from a drug overdose. A new record. More evidence of the superiority of the American way of life?

In the United States, drug overdoses have claimed over 932,000 lives over the past 21 years, and the drug overdose crisis continues to worsen.
The data however is more than a year old and before the people were fully subjected to another year of COVID19 & the mendacity of the Biden administration.

The CDC site contains a wealth of information information including strategy to prevent overdose deaths.

And for some reason Alaska is now worse affected.

US drug overdoses break record []

FrayedBear 9 May 11

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When your country becomes a Primary World Power let us know.

Is that the best that you can say?

You haven't woken up yet to the fact that you personally are no more meaningful than a neutered mosquito.

I know that I'm not even that nor aspire to be.

@FrayedBear I reference your country, your reply asks if I have "woken up" yet then immediatly references me.

This is an EXECELLENT example fo the FACT that you are a very confused person. Whether I am somebody or nobody is completely irrelevant to whether or not your country is even near a world power.

Thak you once again for proving yourself a fool.

@Alienbeing how does asking a question on Australia respond to the post that states that every 5 minutes an American citizen dies from a self inflicted death?

How does it prove the inference that America is the "Primary World Power" or is a preferential place to live.

Any logical person would not agree with you unless they are living off the profits of the drugs used for the overdoses.
**But of course that is what Americans have been doing for more than 100 years if not 400 - living off the misery that they have caused around the world.

@FrayedBear How, EASY! It shows that we out perform your country in spite of any problems we have.

Primary World Power reflects the FACTS that we have the largest economy and the strongest military in the world. Why is that hard for you to understand?

The remainder of your reply is nonsense.


Let them kill themselves out and we’ll be good in time.

The problem cures itself If you hand it it’s Vice.

You Americans have redefined the word.

@FrayedBear It’s a live and let die mentally. You wish you had that much freedom.


Why go out to get shot when you down a bottle of Jack and OxyContin in the comfort of your own home

Naughty! Len 🤣.
A plastic bag blowing in the street costs nothing.
Now when we were growing up in t'gutter there were no plastics bags. They were all treasured, washed out & reused. Paper bags that didn't kill fish or humans were used & they disintegrated in t'watter!

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