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Religion Heard a quick bit on NPR and thought I’d look this up as it is sooo insane. “American Creationists Searching For Living Dinosaurs in Africa.” [] ”Via the Institute for Creation Research, William J. Gibbons on his scientific expeditions to the Congo in search of the elusive surviving dinosaurs which he and some other creationists are convinced are hidden there:”

JackPedigo 9 May 12

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Tell Sasquatch and Nessy I said “Hi!”


A junket paid for by suckers; what could be more rich?


They're on the wrong continent.🙂

Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World described a plateau in the Amazon basin of South America all the way back in 1912.

Besides, if they'll settle for dinosaur descendents, all they have to do is check out birds. Of course bird evolution probably took more than 6,000 years.😋

Birds, fish, the lizards in my yard, alligators, lots of microorganisms, one doesn't have to go far.

@MizJ Especially in Florida.

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