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LINK Helsinki's 'hidden city' with 500 bunkers where whole population can shelter from nuclear war

Fascinating!!! Truly. 😳

I'm thinking all of these End Time Preppers and rightwing extremists and their little homemade bunkers, with all their guns and ammo, generators, water, beans n rice, etc etc etc, should be wholly embarrassed. 😟😦


SeaGreenEyez 9 May 13

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With a neighbor like Russia, the people in Finland never forgot that the threat was real, even during peacetime. The pacifists are a small minority in this country - unlike here in Germany, where a lot of people believed - and still believe - that the Russians have become our friends after 1990.


I wonder who they were trying to protect themselves from. 🇷🇺

LOL. They've made it VERY clear who they're protecting themselves from.

I wish we Americans had a 34 year old female leader that isn't afraid of Putin. I can't even imagine going to sleep tonight and waking up tomorrow without wondering what my government is failing at, at that moment. 😔

@SeaGreenEyez We could have a 35 year old female but we couldn't have a 34 year old lol.

@barjoe, I'd settle for a 36 year old.

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