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Alexandria won $56,509 in scholarships so far. Hooray!

Today I met with Alexandria, the girl I'm mentoring, at the public library to write thank you cards for scholarships. And to help her write an essay:

"How this scholarship helps me achieve my dreams/transforms my life/saves my life/rescues me, or some such horseshit," I quipped. We laughed. "I'm kidding." She wrote a beautiful, touching essay.

Yesterday Alexandria won a local music scholarship for $9,700, paid in two-year installments. Alexandria plays four-instruments: flute, violin, acoustic guitar and electric bass guitar. Since junior year, Alexandria has been first flute and flute section leader in concert band and marching band.

Her mother cannot afford music lessons. Alexandria is self-taught by watching youtube videos and practicing hard with each instrument.

Alexandria has been receiving award letters for 2-1/2 weeks. More to come. The last scholarship she applied for was due May-4. My goal of $60K is within reach.

Alexandria will begin at the University of Washington in September. She wants to become a scientific researcher.

Photo- Alexandria (right) and friend ready for the high school Senior Prom last week. Her prom dress is covered with sequins. They both wore high heels because their dresses were too long. No shoes allowed on the gym floor. So Alexandria could dance, her friend helped her pin up the hem with safety pins.

LiterateHiker 9 May 13

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bobwjr Level 10 May 14, 2022

Outstanding! She sounds like a VERY talented young person and your mentoring has helped her immensely! great job to you both🤩🥰🤩!
Lovely prom gowns!


I wonder how many music teachers you tube has put out of business? It is wonderful that that is out there now, it can really level the playing field. Do you keep in touch with all your mentees? You are truly in the world doing good, and making a huge difference in the lives of young people.


Thank you, dear.

Private music lessons are far superior to youtube. Students get feedback from teachers on their playing and help with intonation, dynamics, expression, fingering, posture, reading music and much more.

Yes, I keep in touch with girls I mentored in the past 10 years. Have been mentoring since 2006.

Need to send an email to 16-18 young women I mentored. I want to know how they are doing, and where they are in achieving their educational and career goals.

@LiterateHiker Yes, private lessons, or any in person lessons would be superior to you tube, but your mentee has proven that with strong motivation it can be done. With her drive and your guidance she should go far.

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