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A new report claims Putin is on the way out. [] In the report and a video it is said/shown the mad leader is suffering from a form of blood cancer and/or Parkinson’s. Considering the turn of his war and atrocities and the hits on ‘his’ Russia the strain must be unbearable even for this mad man.
”It follows a report that an unnamed Russian oligarch linked closely to the Kremlin was recorded saying that Putin is "very ill with blood cancer."
”There has been a great deal of speculation on whether the Russian leader is unwell. Video footage emerged in late April, showing Putin shaking "uncontrollably," sparking suggestions that he might have Parkinson's disease.”
”Commentators have also pointed to his unusually puffy face as a sign of steroid use, and possible illness, as well as the use of a blanket to keep warm during Russia's Victory Day military parade last week.”
Still, this may be only speculative but we can all hope.

JackPedigo 9 May 14

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I've seen several headlines on this bit of speculation. Like facing consequences for their actions trump, the people he appointed and the elected officials that promote his brand of anti-democratic rhetoric I'll hold off on my happy dance until it is a done deal.
The acts on all over the news but to date nothing is done about holding any of them accountable.

But this is not Russia and Ukraine. People in this country are not dying (through violence and war) because of stupidos insane behavior. We still have some semblance of decorum and rules and even though tRump may think he is god there are millions of us who are informed and won't allow that to happen. Can you imagine a civil war in Russia? It could happen here.

@JackPedigo Given what we saw in Buffalo, devolving into a Civil War here in America looks very possible. One guy with a hate on for Black Americans kills 10 in a matter of minutes. The great replacement theory is a fact according to many on the far right. We know it is all BS but these people deeply fear and believe it PLUS we already have elected officials who believe it. Then there are the one running for office who think it is real.
Hopefully it won't be a Hold My Beer moment.

@silverotter11 We may not have a full blown civil war as it would involve a organized military and no backyard militia group can even begin to match our armed forces. We will start experiencing the death of a thousand cuts, though unless we can get our acts together.

@JackPedigo Hard to say what some in the military will do. Unless we get our acts together, there's a key idea! Is that even possible?

@silverotter11 The military has been weeding out the extremist members in the forces. If nothing else it makes for a critical branch of the government that will be impossible to manage. When I joined the first thing we were told was this is not a democracy and one does as they are ordered.

@JackPedigo Once out of highschool I really had no clue what I wanted to do. College did not appeal, I thought about the military (like to travel)but I figured out right away the discipline thing was gonna be an issue so I bagged that idea. The I follow an ad for a print shop in Trenton looking for a trainee in the pre-press department, I stayed in the printing industry for the next 25 years.


They should remove Biden too, they are both sick in more ways than one.

It amazes me how many on this site (a minority) are really insane.


There will be plenty of sheep to continue to follow the sicko wealthy bastards and corrupted governments. Then there will be be ones that will continue to be aware and smart. One's who take responsibilities, act smarter than most others. One's who refused to be owned by nationalism, religion or super rich assholes.

@Castlepaloma Had to laugh at the term 'smart.' Smart to whom?


Too often, cunning gets confused for intelligence.


But Wait! Is illness a "get outta jail free" card for Genocide?

Why should it be. Do the people in Ukraine who are truly ill get a get outta jail free' card. Their illness gets removed once and for all and that should happen to Putin post haste.


A coup to reverse Russia's course would be a better outcome, if Putin passes away as a cultural hero, his close allies will just carry on the same.

When the country is crashing and more and more citizens are doing without (not to mention all the oligarchs) people/politicians will have to wake up to the reality on the ground. Putin will not pass away (to me this is a term used by the religionists as a way to deny death), he will croak, die, kick the bucket or rot in the ground.


Hopefully, if Putin is fading, then others in the Kremlin will start vying for control of Russia.
If a normal autocrat wins, then ending hostilities with Ukraine will be a top priority. But when......??


Nobody stops to think that it could get much worse than Putin. He’s no Zhirinovsky.

Why should anyone do that??? Maybe we should think, oh well it could be worse and do nothing. To me this is a defeatists attitude.

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