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Who says that America & its sycophant Britain do not interfere in other country's citizens wellbeing? They were doing it long before Ukraine and even before Chile.

17th October 2021

British propaganda campaign incited mass slaughter of communists in Indonesia in 1960s, declassified papers reveal
British propaganda campaign incited mass slaughter of communists in Indonesia in 1960s, declassified papers reveal
An anti-Communist rally in Indonesian capital Jakarta in October 1965. © AFP
British spies played a part in the mass murder of Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) members in the 1960s, urging locals, including army generals, to “cut out” the “communist cancer,” declassified papers have revealed.

The Indonesian Army’s brutal clampdown on the PKI in 1965 and 1966 is considered to be one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century. Between 500,000 and three million supporters of the Communist Party were slaughtered, according to various estimations. Department (IRD) had already been deployed in Singapore to produce black propaganda to undermine Sukarno’s rule, according to The Guardian. The failed coup only made it easier for the propagandists to influence their intended audience, which included anti-communist politicians and Indonesian army generals.
The propaganda was shared through an Indonesian-language newsletter, which was said to have been the work of Indonesian immigrants, but was actually issued by British specialists in Singapore. Within a year, some 28,000 copies of the newsletter had been published. The UK also funded a radio station, which Malaysians had been broadcasting into Indonesia.

Shortly after the massacre of the communists by the military began, the British-produced newsletter called for “the PKI and all communist organisations” to “be eliminated.” It claimed that Indonesia will remain in peril “as long as the communist leaders are at large and their rank and file are allowed to go unpunished.”

“Procrastination and half-hearted measures can only lead to… our ultimate and complete destruction,” the authors of the pamphlet warned their readers.

The killings allegedly intensified across the Indonesian archipelago in the weeks following the publication of the newsletter, with The Guardian insisting that “there can be little doubt that British diplomats became aware of what was happening.” The UK spies in the region had all the means to intercept Indonesian government communications and monitor the movement of its military, according to the paper.

One of the newsletters, released during the clampdown on the communists, had praised “the fighting services and the police” for “doing an excellent job.” The British propagandists compared the PKI to Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan in the pamphlet, and insisted that “the work started by the army must be carried on and intensified.”
Moreover, a letter from Norman Reddaway, one of the leading propagandists working in Singapore, to the British ambassador in Jakarta revealed the UK’s strategy “to conceal the fact that the butcheries have taken place with the encouragement of the generals.” He wrote that such an approach should’ve been taken in the hope that the generals would “do us better than the old gang.”

The Foreign Office experts and Indonesian generals were “singing in harmony,” Reddaway insisted in another declassified document. He also celebrated the British propaganda for being able to abolish Sukarno’s opposition to the Federation of Malaya project at “minimal cost” and within just half-a-year.

What Reddaway described as “the old gang” was completely crushed by the bloody events of the mid-1960s. President Sukarno was arrested in 1967 and died three years later under house arrest.

He was overthrown by General Suharto, who had been leading the Indonesian Army. Suharto then ruled Indonesia until 1998, enjoying political and economic support from the West. Transparency International (TI) labeled him the most corrupt politician in modern history in 2004, claiming that he embezzled between $15 billion and $35 billion during his time in office.

Documents that were declassified in the US in 2017 revealed that Washington also not only had “detailed knowledge” of the massacre of communists in Indonesia, but provided “active support” for those actions.

A Yale University study described the slaughter ordered by Suharto as an “absolutely essential cleaning out,” detailing the killing of from “50 to 100 PKI members” every night by civilian anti-communist groups with the “blessing” of the military.

Publication quoted from RT.

FrayedBear 9 May 15

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I remember when this was happening and there was coverage on the TV. It was horrible, even though I was young I understood that something had to be wrong, as why would that many people have to be killed? Seems like we like to do this to countries, just think of all the profit that was made by doing this. "The Year of Living Dangerously".

You would have only been a young sprog back then. It's a pity that you & more like you were distracted by more pleasurable things, drugs, sex & rock & roll, plus the necessity of needing to put a roof over your head & food on the table and didn't go on to to make your views widely known.

@FrayedBear I was younger than that if I remember correctly.

@dalefvictor nah, young man. I've just been and checked your age - you would have been mid teens in 1966.

@FrayedBear My memory needs to be adjusted. I remember that on the news there was talk of many people being killed; this would have been about 1955, or so. I have not thought about it until I read this post.

@dalefvictor hate to disillusion you but in 55 you would have only been 3 or 4.
But to reproduce the pertinent part of the posted article "British officials secretly deployed black propaganda in the 1960s to urge prominent Indonesians to “cut out” the “communist cancer”.
It is estimated that at least 500,000 people – some estimates go to three million – linked to the Indonesia Communist party (PKI) were eliminated between 1965 and 1966."

@FrayedBear My age has nothing to do with my memory. I remember what I remember; the problem may be with the dates. The US had to be doing something bad in 1955 as that is what they were doing at the time.

@dalefvictor there were a series of elections in Indonesia in 1955, James Dean killed, Vietnam started with the deployment of advisors -
Other than that the USA and Russia both tested nuclear bombs on respective test grounds.


You raise an important point here, one that must not be ignored.

American post-WW2 anti-communist fear and loathing fueled McCarthyism at home and the sinister plotting of the Dulles brothers in US foreign policy. Allen Dulles was made director of the CIA by Harry Truman and continued in that role throughout the Eisenhower administration and into the first year of the Kennedy administration. And when his older brother, John Foster Dulles was made Secretary of State by Eisenhower, the two of them plotted and schemed on a global scale.

I recommend the book, “The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War,” by Stephen Kinzer. The author makes a strong case for the Dulles’ religious faith as playing outsized role in their attempts to defeat ‘godless communists.’

Sadly, the template established during this time—one of interventionism and arming strong men leaders who, under the banner of being anti-communist, remained in power for decades, to the great misery their people—has been used many times in the years since.

Thank you for the recommendation

@LenHazell53 I heard the author interviewed on Terry Gross, so I thought I’d pay it forward.

@p-nullifidian As I do not envisage it changing either the historical wrong that they created nor my understanding of American nature I will not allocate my rare time to reading it. You seem to have very neatly identified the gist of the book's content. Thank you.


Now are you sitting comfortably boys and girls, because this is the point when Uncle Sam or at least cousin Bubba, pops up to tell us all how this is all RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA THAT NOTHING BUT NOTHING not no how not ever happened in Indonesia, and that there is no such thing as Indonesia anyway and that no American has ever been there or gone there much less supplied arms and expertise, because it is a place that is just full of imaginary commie terrorist Muslims who don't exists because we did not ever, ever help the bat-shit crazy Muslim government there murder millions of commie red bastards over a two year imaginary period that never NEVER existed, except in the drug addles, syphilitic brain of a fever ridden deranged RT journalist, who also never existed and nor did hims imaginary TV channel we definitely did not censor out of existence months ago.

Very Pythonish with a touch of Children's Hour thrown in Len. LMAO ROFL apart from it being so serious.
Unfortunately for those in denial the stupids * at Yale probably encouraged by the Kissinger toad, stated in 2017 "A Yale University study described the slaughter ordered by Suharto as an “absolutely essential cleaning out,” detailing the killing of from “50 to 100 PKI members” every night by civilian anti-communist groups with the “blessing” of the military."


Yes, but the world moves on and what was bad in the sixties, is truly horrible now.

Buuuuuuuttttttttt, is still being done anyway?

@LenHazell53 Exactly.


Isn't Russia undertaking an "essential cleanout" of fascists from Russian speaking Donbass where they have been perpetrating genocide on the Russian speakers by edict of the government installed in Kiev by America in 2014?

The old, old cry, "we must protect OUR way of life"

"Sounds good, but doesn't actually tie you down to meaning anything"
Douglas Adams

@LenHazell53 "When what you say are merely words of mass deception & meaningless lies & they are added to your actions, invariably crimes against humanity, all I can say is "you ain't a worthy role model"."

Your "understanding" of the Dunbass issue fits right in to your general misunderstanding of the world.

@Alienbeing not as badly as you Americans do not understand that fomenting discontent in other countries to result in revolution, mayhem, destruction of life & property, degradation of land liveability & usesbility through the use of land mines not retrieved after the end of conflict, agent orange defoliant, depleted uranium - the latter two causing civilian deaths through cancer & birth defects for hundreds if not thousands of years, are all as bad if not worse than what the Russian mission to protect Russian speakers is trying to achieve. You Americans are simply continuing to fuel the conflict not only with munitions but weasily words not respecting fellow humans.
You're a bunch of selfish hypocritical liars.

@FrayedBear Your continued bull shit propaganda in noted. Unsuprisingly, you are wrong again.

@FrayedBear Is that what this has been all about? America is, to quote the Ayatollah, “the Great Satan,” and Americans are, in your words, “a bunch of selfish hypocritical liars?” When painting with a broad brush there can be little room for nuance and the world can become a binary black or white. And just as importantly, when discourse devolves into ad hominem attack intelligent conversation ceases.

@Alienbeing, @p-nullifidian take you anti psychosis pills & do everyone a favour.

@FrayedBear From what I hear you are having a problem with your Nursing Home giving you your medication on a timely basis.

Typical of Government "Healthcare" facilities.

@Alienbeing Too slow alien. As I have previously pointed out to you "emulation is the sincerest form of flattery".
It won't help you.

@p-nullifidian Aha so if I accept your argument how do you justify the American demonisation of Russians for the last 80 years and Putin in recent years?
You cannot run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.

@Alienbeing as usual you refute without evidence. Do you claim that USA collected all its land mines after each conflict. That agent orange did not permanently damage land & people in Vietnam and Cambodia? That depleted uranium dust from US munitions fired in various parts of the world are not causing inumerable birth defects around the world? If you are why hasn't the White House and all American homes got piles of it under each bed? It probably cures arthritis, Trumpism & Bidenitis.

@FrayedBear Your agreement is not necessary. In fact f you ever agreed with me I'd probably have to rethink my position.

@FrayedBear Your replies frequently make NO sense at all. Your 5/21 reply above is an excellent example. In that reply you said "as usual you refute without evidence" WHAT are you referring to? I didn't refute anything.

I have said numerous times I won't discuss U.S. policy with you because your opinion does not matter. That is NOT the same as refuting a thing. It is simply a statement that your opinion is irrelevant. We don't seek, nor care about your approval.

Did I ever say a word about land mines? NO. For that matter PLEASE tell us what country ever picked up all their land mines.

Last, I probably dislike Trumo more than you, so save that bull.

@FrayedBear Foxes and hounds aside, I am perfectly happy to dismiss the American view of Vladimir Putin.

Let’s examine the assessment of this individual by his immediate neighbors and those in the region who interact with him much more frequently than the United States. What do the nations who are on Russia’s border experience? The Baltic states? The neighbors who are now fearful and seeking security within NATO? Georgia? Moldova? The parts of Ukraine that were already carved out? What more does it take to convince any skeptic that Putin is ruthless and that his actions are completely unacceptable, not as judged by US standards, but by those of his closest neighbors?

Answer this question: why are all of Russia’s neighbors nervous after what has happened in Ukraine?

@Alienbeing your unprofessionalism shows again or is it Alzheimer's? I screenshot your writing up above. Doesnt "as usual, wrong again" mean that you didagree with what I have written? Isn't that a statement of your belief not proof positive that I'm wrong?
The rest of the world outside of indoctrinated America recognise your psychotic delusion.

@Alienbeing "FrayedBear Your agreement is not necessary. In fact f you ever agreed with me I'd probably have to rethink my position." :

in which case here is my very sarcastic reply: isn't it wonderful that in its humane generosity America is spending another $40 billion to destroy more Ukrainian & Russian property & lives in a war that America never provoked.

I suggest that you go and read the Rand document available at:


@FrayedBear No it does not mean I agreed. I wonder what language you speak?

Your total rejection of reality is probably an indication of severe mental issues, in no way related to me.

@FrayedBear Your post above, ending with your suggestion that I read Rand document AGAIN shows you either have the worst memory ever, or you don't understand English. As I said so many times: I will never discuss USA policy with you because your opinion is irrelevant to anything we decide to do or not do. Adding to that fact is you are now a proven liar, so even if your opinion mattered, who could trust what you say?

You should ask your Nursing Home staff if you can get mental help.

@Alienbeing My reality is that I'm stalked by a psychotic American claiming to be a retired lawyer who evidence show does not apply basic professionalism of checking his printed output. Further reason to question the person is his use of the sitename "Alienbeing". Perhaps he thinks that everyone mind reads & so are cognisant with the unexplaiened reason for this name.
Poor Alien. You are sadly demented. Is it inherited or learnt like religion or acquired like COVID-19?

@FrayedBear First you need to make up your mind about my previous occupation. One day you criticize me for speaking "legalistic garbage" the next day you conclude I could not possibly have been a lawyer. Please make up you mind. I really don't care what you think, but it would be good for you to maintain a train f thought.

Second I told you (again you illustrate no memory capability) that I do not check my typing, in part because you deserve no consideration. I'll add that I never had to check my typing while practicing law because I always had a legal asst. and a paralegal to do that sort of thing. In fact I nevr even typed, I dictated. I assume you never reached a point in any occupation where you supervised anyone, or you would kow that.

Third I had a good laugh where in your post you drone on about typing ability, in last sentence of your first paragraph YOU typed "unexplaiened". Perhaps you can supply a definition of that word.

You are a truly sorry person.

@Alienbeing I'm not perfect but I do not have to explain myself to you - you are the person trolling my every post. If you used to dictate why are you not doing it now to produce the print?
And just so you know, I was never taught to touch type either.
As for my memory - what makes you think that you deserve let alone have the right to take up rent free space in my brain? You will be lucky if you are still in my thoughts 30 seconds after making a copy of the thread.

@FrayedBear You are FAR from perfect, and I do not "trol"l your posts. If you post in one of the catagories I read, naturally I see it. I don't go looking for your posts, you aren't worth it. Don't flatter yourself.

I don't have software to dictate.

Your comment regarding your memory is plain stupid. You either have a memory or you don't. One does not have a memory for certain individuals.

I notice you failed to "justify" your unique spelling "unexplaieined". What's yur excuse? YOU always moan about typos/spelling. I guess you get a pass.

How are your keepers tendng to you?

@Alienbeing thank you for pointing out that I mispelled "unexplained".
"Your comment regarding your memory is plain stupid. You either have a memory or you don't. One does not have a memory for certain individuals." lol. I wonder if you or your ego will let you remember me on your deathbed or will you be too busy congratulating yourself for your life's believed achievements?But there again you don't much time when you are vapourised under a nuclear explosion brought on by yourself. The Nuland - Pyatt tapes yet again point to US promulgation of the escalating Ukrainian conflict.

@FrayedBear Your reply immediatly above is a good illustration of an unorganized mind that can't form a true thought.

Your support of Russina invasion remains a VERY small position. In fact, you are the only person I heard of that has such opinion (other than Russian stooges of course).

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