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I unknowingly went to one of these as a teen for a pregnancy test. It was negative so I didn't get the full experience but they were manipulative and made me pray. And she didn't tell me my result. Handed me the completed test. 2 lines meaning negative as opposed to 2 lines positive on normal pregnancy tests. She wanted to make me think it was positive by handing me the overcomplicated explanation in fine print afterward.

What if educated women and teen girls go into those crisis pregnancy centers undercover and request pregnancy tests, ask about birth control, exc..
Expose them giving medical misinformation and trying to manipulate them.
Mabey recruit the tik tok kids?..

MsAl 8 May 16

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What worries me is that they work so hard and spend so much to prevent women from having abortions, yet they will not work or spend to help supply mothers/children a healthy upbringing. They stop caring once the babies are born.

Betty Level 8 May 16, 2022

Not to mention they work just as hard to get birth control out of the picture.


They have all kinds of tricks: false negatives, send the women home with a small plastic doll broken in pieces in a plastic bag, false info about abortion, make the women watch movies about babies and more. They don't care about the women who come to them for help and they'll do anything to keep her from terminating her pregnancy. I expect to see more of these agencies popping up now that it will be harder to abort.

Or less because it was manipulation and not real help anyway

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