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I am watching "Zombieland" just in case the religious right starts to take over, I think the rules of the movie apply. Thoughts?

dalefvictor 8 May 18

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Ya can't kill'em, they ain't got hearts or brains..

In the movie, one can destroy their head, and they are finished. I like it when the rules are revealed and the reason for them is given.


What level of damage was needed to dispatch the zombies? A head-shot, baseball bat, or more?

The second movie is called "Double-tap." When one is not sure the zombie is dead, a second shot to the head is necessary. Better not to spare bullets and end up a Manwich for some zombie. The movie has a number of rules listed so one can survive.


The sequel is fun too despite that the critics panned it, enjoy.

I find the humor quite fun. No real gross scenes.

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