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LINK Climate change whiplashes us from drought to deluge |

I'm thinking of you @Lorajay . I saw on our Phoenix weather sonewhere in CO got 7 inches of snow. I don't know if it'll get to OK or not -- good luck.

RichCC 8 May 21

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I make very few predictions, these days, but the one I do make is that we will not get to ok. We constantly allow the opponents of green energy and environmental protections to yank us around by the chain with other existential "issues." We won't police ourselves so keep detouring into their cray-cray nonsense instead of moving our agenda forward (in any urgent manner). So long as that happens we won't get there. They win because climate change is either a self-correcting problem, so Dems are wrong, or it kills all of us (Cons actually don't care which and they have stated this so it's fact). Either way we are already committed to fatal weather and planetary events for some time. Prediction two; those events will soon consume all government action/money/resources just trying to bail out the boat.

I agree unfortunately.

Crises have until now been relatively one-off -- a little management or even being left alone for a while (decades?) might allow things to partially recover. (The Dust Bowl of the 30s comes to mind.)

But now we're causing extinction events for whole ecosystems not just species. And that doesn't even mention the climate changes we'll see.

I'm afraid we're to the point that the damage we're doing isn't just irreversible -- it may be un-survivable.😠

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