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LINK New Rule: Along for the Pride | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill makes a great point but it plays into the Con argument of liberal exuberance. I'm on record for being against bringing up gay marriage along with fighting the Alito Brief, if we don't fight both under the real problem of an ongoing Theocratic Coup, and think Bill put it well. Culture wars, and nut allergies, are already going too far. This is how the human circus rolls.

rainmanjr 8 May 22

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I'm so sick of liberals focusing on culture war stuff to the exclusion of any real effort to fighting class warfare against the rich and corporations, because doing so ensures that the working class will never side with people like me and instead will side with the theocrats. And that is how we will continue to lose not only elections but any coming civil war over the cultural issues, instead of the revolution, violent or peaceful, that we have been needing for decades, against the rich and corporations that run our government.

It's a self-defeating strategy that I'm trying to warn folks about (as most have observed). This election is no longer even about the Dem candidates or their platform. It's about stopping Theocracy. I wouldn't even get into the Authoritarianism of tfg. I'd call it straight up Theocracy, Christian Taliban, and simply point to the SCOTUS for proof that it is happening. Democrats are not in big religion's pocket, or The Fed Society's, so they are the firewall to this ongoing Theocratic Coup. I think that's our best strategy.

@rainmanjr I agree that the Dem Party is not allied with fundy religion or the Federalist Society, but they sure as hell are in Wall Street's, Corporate America's, the ruling class's and the MIC's pockets, rather than on our side in the class war. I suppose we have to first defeat the theocrats, then fight the class war with a third party later, after dumping the Dems. I am not optimistic we will even win that first war, and I am so fucking sick of being told to trust the Dems and vote Blue No Matter Who for the last forty years while the Dems kept lying and selling out the 99%.

@TomMcGiverin I would assume that after 2024 the Theocratic Coup will be over. They will have lost too many seats, by then, for collective unity to succeed. Then, as you say, we can hold Democrats to the fires of our anger. I'm not of the opinion that B.C. or Obama lied. I think they just didn't play the game well and, therefore, lost to the minority. B.C. was actually pathetic (I'd say 3rd worst) but not holding anyone accountable for Jr's regime was a major mistake (which I think Holder was responsible for). It kills me to see Holder as a talking shithead now. My way to honor Zen is simply to detach from this entire illusion so that hate or love doesn't win. Only the consequences of our own actions. Death is a consequence of sickness. Love is rare so also not the answer. Letting go is the only path for such a pathetic illusion.

@rainmanjr Suit yourself regarding Obama or Slick Willie. As far as I'm concerned, they were both lying sellouts who also carried on the same neoliberal, war-mongering policies as the two Bushes. I hate them both and both used their office to serve corporate America and then get handsomely repaid later by going on the lecture circuit, just as I knew they would, to cash in on that service. As Bill Maher, who is far from perfect himself, but often bluntly so right about politicians, said about Obama and his policies, " He was Bush Jr. (W,) in blackface". But since the Dem Party is so obsessed with PC and depending on black voters, no one in the party had the guts to call him on his corrupt policies while he was in office, except for Bernie...and even then, Bernie would get punished for it by having it implied that he was racist or at best unsympathetic to black folks. When the truth was, he was simply calling out corruption when he saw it, the same as he does with Repubs. I so hate it when race is weaponized and used against the left and progressives by Dem centrists and corrupt party loyalists.


So many truths...

If true then surely folks will listen. Right? Of course not. It will have to go into crises mode and cost billions of dollars. SMH.


Everything he said is true. I guess he is now cancelled by LGBTQ community.

We'll see. It would be nice if people would just start listening to those criticizing group thinking. We come back to the reason I think putting all groups back under the umbrella of equal Human Rights and fighting for that. Not as many jobs with a single org, though.

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