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LINK Resurfaced Tweets Proves We've All Been Playing Monopoly Wrong


I did not know this. It makes perfect sense. 👍


SeaGreenEyez 9 May 23

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I could not stand this game as I always lost, it did teach Capitalism though. Perhaps this change will make it interesting to play.


Cool, maybe I'll play again..


We did know that🤓 -- we read it in the rules.
But it doesn't make me detest Monopoly (or pretty much any family game) any much less. My family has always just been too competitive.

And party games are designed to make you look absurd -- I do enough of that on my own anyway. Ha, ha I guess.🙂

I wish I'd have known this a couple of decades ago. Monopoly at our house was PTSD inducing. 🙄 I stopped playing when it became obvious I was the only one not blood-thirsty. There were only three of us. 😳

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