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Yay! Putin has advanced pancreatic cancer!
Willow_Wisp 8 June 2

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May it spread and multiply!
Verily, even unto his Anus!


Hope he does not see the article in Google News. Apparently a Dr. in Portland has been up to good things.


No fixing that!




Real karma

bobwjr Level 10 June 2, 2022

Hope he suffers and dies quickly. Karma.

Trebek lived a full year with it..though Puti has more advanced options I'm sure. I lost my Swedish brother to it, he went to hospital not feeling right. It took his doctor a day to figure out it was pancreatic cancer, he was dead 2.5 weeks later. He was buried at sea, the Viking

@Charlene I'm sure he has science fiction level medical care, the kind that saved Trump when he should have died of covid.

@Charlene But he also has assassins after him...


This makes him even more dangerous. Like a jealous boyfriend, he might want to destroy the planet before he leaves. "If I can't have her, no one will!" Ka-boom

dkp93 Level 8 June 2, 2022

Lets not celebrate yet. He has lived without a heart, so who is to say he can't get by without a pancreas. Just sayin'.


Hope he suffers greatly before he dies.

I hope I stay on your good side.

@dalefvictor You’re not an evil monster with no Conscience, so you will always be on my good side. 😍

@Redheadedgammy Thank you I was worried, I put up a post and there was a bunch of people reacting to it in a negative way. Perhaps I do not say what I mean sometimes.

@dalefvictor I have never had a problem with your posts and believe you write your thoughts and opinions very well.

I think of the people poisoned or otherwise murdered under his regime. Anna Politkovskaya comes to mind. Pussy Riot will live on and maybe do a song about his demise…if it happens.

@Scott321 Putin has a lot of blood on his hands, and should experience some of what he has dealt to others. I think of the people he has poisoned, had thrown off of buildings or gunned down in the streets. I want all of that and more for him.

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