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Whats to stop the first GOP president from pardoning all the convicted felons from this investigation?

PondartIncbendog 8 June 10

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Nothing. Not one thing. And given it's coming in just over two years, we best not even bother to get a little excited. This is all just optics. Theatrics. Political theater. Exactly what the USA is known for. This is common knowledge everywhere but on American soil. 😞


Vote! And get all your friends to vote...


Why let your future competition for dictator out of jail?

Garban Level 8 June 10, 2022

They would receive a pardon, not a retraction. And unable to run for office again.

@PondartIncbendog Correct, under the current constitution.


Death sentences.

skado Level 9 June 10, 2022


Exactly! So why even bother with all this mess? Everybody knows who the fuckers are and we also know no one is going to be punished for it other than maybe 1 low level scapegoat that is offered up. Meanwhile while everyone's attention is taken up by this fiasco the country continues to go down the shitter and nobody cares because it's all about Jan 6th. The fuckers all win, and we all lose.

@darren316 but even if they only spend a short time in prison, it will send a message. With the senate deadlocked, there is little else for the house to do but hold show votes and investigate.

@glennlab Exactly, Glenn!

@glennlab, @darren316 HISTORY will record what happens!

@glennlab Deadlock - A state in which progress is impossible.

We've had a two party system forever. Heck even when the constitution was being drawn up there was plenty of intense disagreement. I don't accept the term "deadlocked" as it relates to the Senate or Congress. These fuckers are voted into office to get shit done. They are paid to get shit done. It's there fucking jobs to get shit done. I don't want to hear about how they are deadlocked and I don't accept that and neither should anyone else.

@PondartIncbendog I sure think it is. When's the last time you voted for a politician to go to Washington to sit on their hands and be deadlocked? I sure as heck never have. If someone here has voted for deadlock please speak up. I want to hear about it. People in this country have grown to accept no progress, accept that compromise cannot exist. Accept that our politicians are evil, stupid, slick, abusive, ignorant, corrupt, etc. People need to stop accepting the bullshit from our politicians and hold them to a high standard but instead we simply accept absolutely nothing from them and that's exactly what we get.

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