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LINK The controversial history of wet-nursing and what the ‘informal,’ ‘underground’ practice looks like today

Why is there any controversy? Nursing a child as nature intended has been tainted by the Euro-American patriarchy and their obsession with the mammaries. One sees it here with the posting of women's mammaries on various sexy groups. But nursing is controversial?

Mooolah 8 June 12

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When I was in Mexico, indigenous women would nurse their babies under a sarape`. Very private, but in a public space, as they attended their wares for sale. We now have nursing stations in large venues. I empathize with your dismay at public display of everything. I get that folks who could never be out about their particular predilection can do that now, & that is the price we pay for freedom to express ones-self. Vulgarity is the zeitgeist. Not a fan. I have a strong stomach from having had a life. How as something so natural, so bonding of a little life to its source become something repelling? I believe the sexualization by straight Euro American men have perverted a biological nutritional source, the breast. They ruin everything for me. As I never know my place. Altho I am straight, I am better off without a man in my life. And I remain child free by CHOICE.


Yes. It is. And I seem to offend all types of people because I personally, don't want to watch someone doing it, I would rather not hear it, and I don't want to know about it.

If only there was one thing, just one single thing, that remained private. I could die happy. Today, everything needs to be an issue and in your face. From boobs to politics. And now those two are intertwined. I'm over it.


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